Review: “The Secret” by Max Monroe

Max Monroe are on a mission—completely destroy us with all the Winslow brothers. I never would have imagined that there would be a bunch of characters wilder and dirtier than Thatcher Kelly and then she gave us these four brothers. They’re all so drastically different, which means that every book is unique and special in some way or the other.

Review: “Sneaking Around With #34” by Piper Rayne

I never thought I’d meet a hockey hottie that could overthrow Aiden Drake as my favourite Florida Fury player, but Piper Rayne went and created Warner Langley and now Aiden has been demoted to #2. I am loving this series so much and I love that every story not only introduces us to a whole new world of hockey, but it also gives us all of these familiar faces over and over again as we see them become families and so much more.

Review: “Tagging Up” by Carrie Aarons

I refuse to accept that this is the last Callahan Family book, because I feel like they’ve become such a big part of my life and I’m not ready to let them go! And what a journey this family has been on from picking up the pieces of a broken baseball franchise to having some of the best players in the league to falling in love in places you don’t expect.