Review: “Ignite” by Melanie Harlow

When Melanie Harlow announced that she was going back to Cloverleigh Farms and bringing the kids of the original gang to life, I squealed so loud. I have loved the Sawyer family so much that I was sad when the books ended. Sure, we got the awesome Bellamy Creek group too, but the Cloverleigh gang was who introduced me to Melanie and I wanted more. And now we have it!

Review: “Hard to Love” by K. Bromberg

When K. Bromberg announced that Finn Sanderson was getting his own book, I was excited. If you’ve read the rest of the Play Hard series, then you’ve met Finn. He’s always been the instigator, the guy that pisses everyone off and broke Chase Kincade’s heart. I never thought of Finn as being the hero of a love story.