Review: “Moments in Time” by K.K. Allen

I love going back to Camp Bexley and with Moments in Time, we get to explore so much more of the camp. Plus, we get to reconnect with Hope and Anderson from Weight of Regret. One of the things I’ve always liked about KK Allen’s storytelling is the lyrical, almost poetic style of it, and thai one delivered that as much as the other books have. It was soothing to sit back and read, enjoyable and easy to flow through.

Review: “Protecting You” by Lena Hendrix

Ever since Lena introduced us to the Chikalu gang, I’ve been looking forward to Cole Decker’s story. We’ve gotten glimpses of him and Maggie over the past two books, so we know that there’s something interesting going on there, so to finally have an entire book dedicated to their bickering and bantering and their secret love for each other was so wonderful.

Review: “Hollywood Ending” by Tash Skilton

Calling all nerds and television junkies, this book is a fun adventure for you! Tash Skilton – better known as the writing duo Sarah Skilton and Sarvenaz Tash – have written a friends-to-lovers coming of age story that includes fandoms, nerds and a Hollywood love story. It’s a quirky, fun read with a great group of characters and an interesting journey that everyone goes on in order to find themselves while finding the one they love.