Ratings Information

As a reviewer, I try my best to add STAR ratings and STEAM levels to every review I write to give people a chance to know what to expect when it comes to one of these books. Below, you’ll find my rating system. It might go through some changes over time, but for now, here it is.



When the book makes me feel everything. Includes great MCs and supporting characters as well an engaging story that keeps me up all night. And A+ writing.


For books that do almost everything five-star books do, but there might be something small that doesn’t sit right. Ex. Very slow burns or build up takes too long.


For books that I enjoy, but has something missing. Usually when one character is unfavourable, or a plot point doesn’t work for me.


Just like the four-star rating, but when miscommunication, secrets and lies unnecessarily complicate the story.


This is when I liked some elements, but not most of them. Ex. the appearance of a dramatic ex.



Has multiple sex scenes, explicit foreplay, tons of sexual tension, hot kisses, heavy petting and everything that leaves you panting. Ex. Katee Robert, Rilzy Adams


When there are 2-3 explicit sex scenes, some foreplay and kissing. And dirty talk. Ex. Lena Hendrix, Elsie Silver, Max Monroe, Kandi Steiner


Includes 1-2 explicit sex scenes, some dirty talk and foreplay.

🔥🔥 / 💋

Mostly for closed-door romances that have kissing and lots of flirting. Ex. Fiona West, Sarah Adams