Review: “Wild & Bright” by Skyler Mason

You know how sometimes you find yourself struggling to like a character so much that you keep reading in hopes that something redeems them by the end? That was Camden Hayes for me as I read Wild & Bright, Skyler Mason’s second book following her intense and emotional Revenge Cake last year. I also want to add that this book might not be for everyone even if I love it. As mentioned in the warnings, there are some topics that might not work for people and you should go into this book with an open mind.

Review: “All The Right Notes” by Elliot Andrews

Elliot Andrews’ romance debut is the first book I’ve read that talks about the pandemic and its existence! I love that. I know that we all want to forget about the pandemic and how it’s affected our lives, but Elliot weaves it into his story seamlessly and it makes sense given the journey that our hero goes through to get to the end of the book.