Review: “All The Right Notes” by Elliot Andrews

Elliot Andrews’ romance debut is the first book I’ve read that talks about the pandemic and its existence! I love that. I know that we all want to forget about the pandemic and how it’s affected our lives, but Elliot weaves it into his story seamlessly and it makes sense given the journey that our hero goes through to get to the end of the book.

Review: “What If You & Me” by Roni Loren

After I fell in love with Hollyn and Jasper in Yes & I Love You, I was so excited to know that Andi was getting her own book. And I was also so nervous because what if I didn’t love Andi’s story as much as Hollyn’s? And then I read this book and I have to say that I am even more in love with Andi than I thought possible. And when you combine Andi with her grumpy (werewolf) hero, Hill – it’s absolute magic.