Review: “Bring You Back” by Malynda Schlegel

This book is about friendship, it’s about young love, it’s about complicated love, it’s about sex, it’s also got heartbreak and unrequited love, it’s got a whole lot of pain, it’s got hilarious characters with quick tongues and witty banter. It’s a book that has everything, but not once do you feel like it’s an overwhelming number of things to focus on. It’s perfect and that makes it such an incredible read.

Review: “Ritual” by Kandi Steiner

You might go into this book thinking you’re going to get fun parties and hot people, but you’re also going to get a heart full of feelings and angst and romance and everything in between. This is my favourite book of the series and I can tell you right now that you won’t be sorry once you get sucked into Palm South University.