Review: “The Badge and The Bad Boy” by Lena Hendrix

When it comes to Lena Hendrix’s books, the one thing I’m sure to find is a beautifully written story. Lena has a way with words and she weaves a tale that hooks you from the start. And with The Badge and the Bad Boy, it’s the unique concept that really had my attention. Sure, Val and Evan also had me excited, but the idea of a ranch where criminals and those on the run can come to stay safe and protected blew my mind.

Review: “Protecting You” by Lena Hendrix

Ever since Lena introduced us to the Chikalu gang, I’ve been looking forward to Cole Decker’s story. We’ve gotten glimpses of him and Maggie over the past two books, so we know that there’s something interesting going on there, so to finally have an entire book dedicated to their bickering and bantering and their secret love for each other was so wonderful.