NetGalley Review: “To Get to the Other Side” by Kelly Ohlert

It was fun, lighthearted for the most part, it had a fun meet-cute and great family dynamics (if you ignore both her parents and his biological dad). There’s also a pet chicken involved and while I loved the scenes with Chick-Chick, I feel like she took over a lot of the story.

Review: “Tempt” by Melanie Harlow

Melanie Harlow knocked it out of the park with Tempt. Everything about Millie and Zach was sheer perfection—the romance, the steam, the relationship—and I never wanted it to end. Zach might just be my favourite Melanie Harlow hero too.

Review: “Forbidden Freedom” by Jasmin Miller

Well, damn. I discovered Jasmin Miller through her Kings of the Water series and fell in love with her stories. So to have Jasmin release a mafia romance and rock my socks off with should have been expected. I don’t read a lot of mafia romances, but I can tell you that I absolutely devoured and loved this one.

Review: “He’s a Player” by Stacy Travis

While not a big fan of football (aka soccer), I was really excited when Stacy announced this series. I love the little glimpses we got of Charlie too, because that was my first Stacy Travis book and it still holds a special place in my heart.

Review: “Single and Ready to Jingle” by Piper Rayne

As a long time Piper Rayne fan, I was excited when they announced that they’d written a holiday romance. I’m not one for Christmas in real life, but I love reading about people falling in love during the holidays. And obviously when one of my favourite author duos decides to dip their toes into the subgenre, I’m going to be there.

Review: “Vegas Baby” by Melanie A. Smith

As part of the Hot Vegas Nights series of novellas, Melanie A. Smith’s contribution is a fast paced strangers to lovers that I had to force myself to read slowly. Once I met Kira and Sebastian, I didn’t want the story to end! You’d think that because it’s a novella, it wouldn’t be able to cover a lot of things. But it does. Melanie has a great way of telling her stories and giving you just the right amount of information that keeps you hooked and ready for more.

Review: “Check Your Work” by Skye Kilaen

Every single one of these Love at Knockdown books has been absolutely stunning and I am constantly amazed by Skye Kilaen’s writing. She creates really great characters who bring so much more to the story than just being part of a relationship, and that makes you not only relate to them on so many levels, but also makes you love them just a little more.

Review: “Resting Witch Face” by Juliette Cross

We have only waited for Jules and Ruben’s story for like ever and Juliette Cross did not disappoint when she delivered this one. Through the first four books, we’ve seen these two characters moving around each other like animals waiting for the moment to attack, but to really and fully understand the extent of their relationship and why they are the way they are really made this story even more special.

NetGalley Review: “All Roads Lead to You” by Jackie Ashenden

When I read Find Your Way Home earlier this year, I loved the concept of the sister towns and the three women showing up in New Zealand to help with their tourism and help the town make more money. We met the women and got to know them and met the men who would one day sweep them off their feet.


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