Review: “​​Nice Guys Still Finish” by Harlow James

Series: The Ladies Who Brunch #5

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Steam: 🔥🔥🔥

Release Date: March 2nd, 2023

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CW: infidelity, cheating (not the MCs)

“Come on. What’s the risk of getting to know me if I’m just some dorky guy that’s hopeless when it comes to dating? I mean, it’s not like you’re going to fall for me.”

But hey, a guy could hope, couldn’t he?

That was my idea when I met Ariel Logan—my sister’s new assistant on her talk show—to get her to agree to be my relationship tutor in hopes that she’d realize I’m the man she needs.

You see, I’m the nice guy—the guy who’s the third or fourth or hundredth wheel, the king of the friend zone and the goofy side character, if you will. And up until meeting Ariel, I thought that was the role I was destined to play.

But damn it—I knew I could be the man of her dreams if she would just give me the opportunity. Her grumpy disposition and hatred of the male population made me realize that if I wanted a chance with this girl, I’d have to be strategic. So I took a risk, asked her to coach me on dating hoping it would pay off, and decided to star in the most important pursuit of my life.

Of course, nothing went smoothly. From dating faux pas to watching Ariel fighting her desires, it felt like years before I finally laid my heart on the line.

And I thought I had her. I thought she felt the same way, until my risky choice came back to bite me hard and threatened the hold I finally had on the woman of my dreams.

Would she realize that I only made that decision because I wanted her?

Would she understand that I never cared about dating other women, only her?

Would she finally allow me to no longer be the guy on the sidelines, but the MVP?

And prove to her the nice guys may finish last—but at least they still finish.


Truth be told, I didn’t know I wanted a Jeffrey book, but once Harlow James announced that it was coming, it was all I wanted. He was the quintessential best friend in book one who then made amusing appearances through the course of the rest of the books. I loved his fluffy and honest personality in whatever little bits we saw of him. But nothing could have prepared me for how charming and endearing Jeffrey would be, or how honest and kind he’d come across as. I truly enjoyed this book and loved every minute he and Ariel spent together!

In Nice Guys Still Finish, you’ll find:

✨ strangers to friends to lovers

✨ fake dating

✨ dating lessons

✨ they go on tons of awesome dates

✨ sloooow burn

✨ an amazing group of friends

✨ men only book club (we need more!)

✨ a prickly and cautious heroine that i loved so much

✨ a charming and endearing hero with zero filter

Jeffrey is the kind of guy that all of us accidentally friend-zone. He’s always there for you, he’s funny and courteous and he cares about you. It’s easy to put that kind of guy in one of those boxes. And Jeffrey’s had enough. He’s never had luck with women because he has a tendency to ramble and say whatever’s on his mind. Which works in his favour, surprisingly, when he meets Ariel. As the PA to Jeffrey’s twin sister, Ariel ticks all the boxes of what he’s looking for in a woman. But she’s had some really tough times with men in the past, so trusting Jeffrey to be different and to be in any kind of relationship with him scares her. But they work it out and under the guise of Ariel teaching him how to be the right kind of charming with women, Jeffrey works his way into her life.

“I wondered if I’d ever feel this way about someone, but I guess I was just waiting on you.”

I’m a sucker for a good romance with fun dates. I really love seeing the characters date and do things that couples do outside of books. Ariel and Jeffrey do some fun stuff together and there’s also some hilarious shenanigans that go along with that fun stuff. It’s all kinds of entertaining. I fell head over heels for these two as they navigate this new part of their friendship. I enjoyed seeing a whole other side of Jeffrey—and not just as Damien’s best friend—I loved the relationship he had with the Ladies Who Brunch, because those women are one of a kind. I truly just enjoyed this book so much.

Bonus, knowing what books are coming next has me so excited for more Harlow James!

Thanks to Harlow James for generously providing me with an advance copy. I am voluntarily leaving an honest review.

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