Review: “Hide and Peak” by Victoria Wilder

Series: Riggs Family #2

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Steam: 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Release Date: December 2nd, 2022

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CW: discussions of infertility, scenes of violence, death of a parent, threats and gun violence

Alluring. Sexy. Liar.

The newest stranger in Strutt’s Peak has a mouth as loud and captivating as the bright tattoos drawn all over her body. But she’s no stranger to me. Because I’ve met her.

I’ve kissed her lips.
And I’m the only one who knows her secret.
She’s supposed to be dead.

Now, I hide the truth and keep her safe. Pretend we never met. Try to forget I ever touched her. Ignore that she’s always around. She’s my sister’s best friend now, but before that, I wanted her to be mine.

My family runs one of the country’s most successful winter sports brands, making me high-profile, a target for small-town gossip, and national recognition. All of it, dangerous for her.

The stakes are too high. I know the rules. So why can’t I follow them? How am I supposed to stay away from her when all I wanted to do was find her? How can I hide her and keep her safe when what I really want is to make her mine?


Victoria Wilder has done it again. I mean, I had no doubt in my mind that she’d give us the most perfect story for Henry and Giselle after all that teasing we got in book one. But I didn’t expect things to go the way they did and I gotta say…I loved every single minute of it. From Victoria’s writing to the plot and the characters, the entire Riggs family and the town of Strutt’s Peak—this book was absolutely perfect.

In Hide and Peak, you’ll find:

✨ second chance

✨ mutual pining (and so much of it)

✨ (fake) antagonists to lovers

✨ toss in some suspense too

✨ small town colorado

✨ the best family ever

✨ a gorgeous and charming hero who can cook

✨ a badass, powerful and sexy heroine who does tattoos


The way we saw Giselle and Henry in book one was so entertaining, especially since it was entirely through Everly’s point of view. Nothing could have prepared me for what it would be like to see their story through their own eyes. Divided into three sections, this book completely ruined me. Henry and Giselle have so much history that you’ll never see coming and so much chemistry that it will set your Kindle on fire. I am still blown away by the world that Victoria’s created, the way she crafted this story and the incredible journey these characters go on. All that tension and sexual chemistry gets to put to good use too. And while a slight slow burn, it’s so effing worth it!

“I need you to deliver on the promise your eyes are always making.” Her tone a sultry gravel.

“And what promise is that, Pixie?” 

“That you’re going to fucking ruin me.”

Victoria writes incredible steam and while none of what Henry and Giselle do is kinky, their sexual relationship is beautiful. It really pushes their emotional relationship forward and strengthens it in a way that I did not expect. There are multiple explicit and open door scenes, so if that’s not your cup of tea, be aware of it now!

My favourite thing was the unexpected suspense element. Yes, we know it’s going to be a recurring theme through the book given the way it started. But after Peaks of Color, I did not expect this. However, I loved every single minute. All of the twists and turns that were tossed our way, the way trust and love is built. It was absolutely stunning. Victoria totally nailed everything she set out to do with this story and I cannot wait to see what she does next!

Disclaimer: Victoria and I are friends and follow each other on Instagram. She provided me with an ARC, but that does not affect my review in any way.

Thanks to Victoria Wilder for generously providing me with an advance copy. I am voluntarily leaving an honest review.

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