Review: “Olive & Pear’s Christmas Detour” by Eve Kasey & Mia Heintzelman

Release Date: November 8th, 2022

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For best friends, Olive and Pear, a holiday dream trip to the Maldives is rerouted by Christmas magic in this charming new steamy holiday romance by authors, Eve Kasey and Mia Heintzelman.

One Christmas. Two Magical Love Stories.

Snowflakes in Seattle
What’s worse than missing a Christmas Eve flight to the Maldives with your bestie because your plane may have “hit Santa?” Ending up in Seattle with nowhere to stay but an old houseboat that happens to belong to your childhood crush. Grownup Wyatt’s all construction muscles and innuendo, and fate seems determined to keep me houseboat-bound with the man whose name I doodled with mine.

What if a place to stay for the night turns into a home with a man I don’t want to leave?

Merry in Maldives
What’s worse than being stuck on a daylong flight with the man who just fired you? Being stuck on a tropical island with him for the holidays. The remote Maldives and swanky seaside resort are a photographer’s dream, but Mr. Comely, Calm, and Collected, Hollis James, keeps popping up in the frame, being all naughty and nice.

What if the Christmas wish for my person was someone I never expected?


Snowflakes in Seattle

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Steam: 🔥🔥🔥🔥

I am, quite easily, one of Eve Kasey’s biggest fans. I’ve read all her books and I love her storytelling. So it’s no surprise that I loved and enjoyed Olive and Wyatt’s romance. It was low-angst, high heat and all kinds of awesomeness tossed in as well. I loved how fun the story was too! It’s an age gap, a childhood crush to lovers, forced proximity, holiday romance that will make you feel all the feels and make you fall in love with Eve’s writing all at once.

Olive’s on her way to spend the holidays in Maldives with her best friend, but thanks to some kind of chaos mid-flight, their grounded in Seattle. With nowhere to go, Olive gets in touch with a family she knew as a kid and they make it work by getting her to stay with their son. Who just so happens to be the boy she crushed on as a kid. Except, Wyatt is no longer a boy and he’s all man and he’s all kinds of sexy that it makes it hard for Olive to resist him.

“I’ve had a crush on you since I was seven years old. Every fantasy I have is you.”

While they do absolutely and holy smokes get it on, the thing I really enjoyed about their relationship was that while the instant connection was there, they took their time. There was lots of reminiscing and lots of talking. They communicated about so much and talked about their jobs and the work they do. It was like watching two friends fall in love and that was the special part. I loved their emotional connection and obviously their physical one too. Eve turned it up to 11 with the steam in this book, so be aware that if explicit and wild smut is not your cup of tea, then this is probably not going to do it for you. 

Snowflakes in Seattle just made me all kinds of joyful and that’s all anyone can ask for when they read romance.

Merry in Maldives

CW: mentions of homelessness, job loss, death of a grandparent, and abandonment

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Steam: 🔥🔥🔥

Idiots to lovers is a trope that I am absolutely enjoying these days, and that’s how I’m going to classify Pear and Hollis’ story. Because both of them have been attracted to each other for years and they’ve not done a single thing about it. Till they’re both stuck at the same resort and forced to acknowledge that maybe this is more than just frustration. 

After Hollis fires Pear from her job at the magazine they work at, she chooses to make the most of the hotel reservation she already has and go on holiday with her best friend. Except, Olive is stranded in Seattle and Pear is stuck in the Maldives with the man who ruined her life. These two have so much to sort through and talk about, and I enjoyed watching Pear shake Hollis off because she’s so mad at him for what he did. Their relationship is messy and complicated, but it’s also so fun to watch unfold.

With all those pent up feelings from working together and ignoring what they both want, you can imagine what it’s like when they finally give into those feelings. It’s hot and fun and cute and Hollis and Pear will totally make you smile. I loved the phone conversations Pear and Olive had, showing the strength of their friendship and how special they are to each other. I loved the way Hollis saw Pear and how despite everything that’s happened, he knows they make sense.

Merry in Maldives was a fun read, with some laughs and some steam, it hit the spot!

Thanks to Eve Kasey &  Mia Heintzelman for generously providing me with an advance copy. I am voluntarily leaving an honest review.

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