Review: “50 Ways to Win Back Your Lover” by Kelly Siskind

Series: Bower Boys #1

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Steam: 🔥🔥🔥

Release Date: September 6th, 2022

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CW: mentions of money laundering, witness protection, drug cartels, mentions of violence and messy family dynamics, mentions of cancer, mentions of hysterectomy 

Growing up, I had it all—my art, close friends, a gorgeous girlfriend who owned my heart—but then my life exploded.

Turns out my father was laundering money, and my whole family got shoved into witness protection. No notice. No chance to explain. I was ripped away from beautiful, blue-eyed Delilah Moon, shattering both our worlds.

A decade later, fate has given us a second chance.

The cartel my father worked for has been wiped out. I’ve returned to my hometown, determined to win back the love of my life. But Delilah is engaged.

Or . . . is she?

I’m almost positive she’s lying about her fiancé to protect her heart. Which means I need to up my game.

I’ve made a list of fifty ways to prove we’re meant to be. Except Delilah’s barely looking at me, never mind swooning. I have a feeling my disappearance scarred her more than she’s admitting, and no one in town will tell me what happened . . .


“We’re two meteors hurtling through space, about to collide in a burst of stars”

Kelly Siskind’s books are always such a fun ride and everything about E (aka Edgar) and Delilah and their second chance romance won me over. From start to finish, this book brought me so much joy. And even more interesting and masterful, if I’m being honest, is the fact that Kelly wrote this book entirely from Edgar’s point of view. I love dual POV as much as the next person, but this kind of switcheroo on the single POV worked so well. Especially since E’s the one with all the secrets and the one who ran away and the one who left behind a broken hearted teenager without a word or note or anything at all.

50 Ways to Win Back Your Lover has:

✨ single pov—entirely in HIS voice

✨ second chance

✨ small towns

✨ amazing sibling banter and dynamics

✨ best friends to lovers

✨ all of the ways to woo someone

✨ a beautiful and intriguing bakery owner

✨ a handsome and charming illustrator

✨ storytelling for the ages!

When the patriarch of the Bower family makes a few shady financial mistakes and everything goes topsy turvy, they are rushed out of their small town of Windfall and into WITSEC (witness protection program). The family leaves behind those they love and friends they’ve never see again, but it’s the only thing they can do. And for 10 years, they lived quiet lives under the radar so that the drug cartel their father owes money to doesn’t come to find them. But when E sees his long lost love at the airport on his way back from New York, he realises that he needs to fix his mistakes and win back the girl of his dreams. Even if it means putting everything they’ve worked so hard to protect on display.

Edgar’s journey to rekindling his romance with Delilah is so beautiful. I love that while he doesn’t believe she’s really engaged to that guy anymore, he lets her tell him herself. In the meantime, he’s making his presence known in whatever way he can to ensure that she knows he’s not going anywhere this time. The slow burn of their romance really made me so happy. I loved that they worked to rebuild their friendship first, before taking the leap into their romantic relationship. And as the title suggests, E has a 50 point list of things that he’s going to remind Delilah of, so she knows that their relationship is one that is worth fighting for.

“I’ll always be an obnoxious flirt who shamelessly shows Delilah she brings me to my knees, but relationships aren’t checklists you can tick off. Love isn’t something you win. It’s something you earn. My desperate need to rekindle my relationship with Delilah has been so focused on me and my aching need for her I haven’t given her space to take the lead too.”

The Bower family is so fantastic. He’s got four brothers and their bond is so entertaining. They pick on each other, they laugh about their old lives. It’s all so relatable and enjoyable. And then there’s their mother, who is just a saint. To have endured all that she did because of her ex-husband and come out on top is commendable. But I like that these brothers have such a strong bond after everything they’ve gone through and are always there for each other. Their banter and scenes together are so entertaining. I definitely gigglesnorted a few times through those scenes.

Edgar and Delilah’s relationship was all kinds of wonderful too. This is why I love second chance romances so much—these characters have a lot to unpack about their past along with dealing with the angst of the years they spent apart. A lot of the book is E just pining over Delilah while she keeps brushing him off and doing anything to make him leave and how can you not love that? Their slow burn was also well worth it and I appreciated that it wasn’t an instant thing between the characters after being reunited for the first time in 10 years.

All in all, this is going to the top of my favourite Kelly Siskin books and I cannot wait to meet the rest of the Bower Boys! 

Thanks to Kelly Siskind for the gifted ARC I am voluntarily leaving an honest review.

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