Review: “Need You Now” by Ava Hunter

Series: Nashville Star #3

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐✨

Steam: 🔥🔥🔥

Release Date: July 18th, 2022

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CW: mentions of drug abuse, violence, mentions of eating disorder/bulimia

She saved him when he needed her. Now he’ll save her too.

After making a tragic mistake that nearly cost him his brother, his reputation, and his sobriety, playboy Seth Kincaid wants nothing more than to hide the secrets of his past. When he hears that his sometimes-secret fling—and his guardian angel in high-heels—Lacey Sutton is injured, he’s determined to repay her by stepping up to take care of her.

But Lacey is off limits. She’s Seth’s best friend’s little sister.

Even if her sassy banter, wild temper, and gorgeous curves are the best kind of addiction.

Event planner Lacey Sutton has time for only one thing in her life: her job. She doesn’t have time for relationships, or injuries that could cost her the party of the century. And she definitely doesn’t have time for cocky country singers with ocean-blue eyes, broad shoulders, and chiseled jaws.

Love is not on Lacey’s carefully planned agenda. Even if the way Seth looks at her, has her wanting to let him into her guarded heart.

However, their close confines soon transform their attraction from lust to love. But when Seth’s superstardom calls him back to Nashville—and reality—Seth and Lacey must face the truth about themselves and their secrets, or they’ll risk losing what they never knew they needed: each other.


Ava Hunter is truly just out there writing heartwrenching stories featuring beautiful characters and a whole lot of suspense that keeps you on the edge of your seat. If you’ve read the first two books (and the novella), then you already know enough about Seth and Lacey. With this book, she’ll take every single one of your emotions and wring you dry! And if I was going to let anyone do that, it would be Ava.

In Need You Now, you’ll enjoy:

✨ friends with benefits

✨ secret relationship

✨ a country musician trying to find himself again

✨ a headstrong woman trying to do it all

✨ incredible family scenes

✨ a slow burn

✨ all of your emotions will be challenged

✨ some suspense and twists you don’t expect

There were so many things about this book that made me happy—Seth and Lacey being precious, seeing Luke and Sal (from Sing You Home) again, but most of all, being around Alabama and Griff (from Find You Again) one more time. This book takes you on a rollercoaster of emotions and feelings before finally settling everything down right where it’s meant to be. 

“She’s got him fucked up, heart on his sleeve, on his knees. Got herself stuck like a damn melody in his head and the only way to get her out is to write.”

Seth and Lacey have had a friends with benefits situation going on for about three years and it’s worked out well for them. There are no expectations, no feelings; just sex. Except when he’s at his lowest, Seth finds himself leaning into Lacey more than he expected and all those feelings he thought didn’t exist, suddenly come to the surface. For Lacey, living out in LA and working a tiring job means that she has no time for feelings or a relationship. She definitely doesn’t have time for Seth and his life in Nashville. But one kiss, one touch is all it takes for all those bottled up emotions to explode.

I thought Sal and Luke went through a lot, but Seth and Lacey have far more struggles than a young couple should! However, I loved how much they leaned on each other and how despite being stubborn and difficult, they turn to the other for help. I had this idea of Seth being a cinnamon roll in my head from the first book, because of how he was with Sal, but I don’t think I fully understood just how much of a sweetheart he would be. He’s selfless and generous, he puts everyone else first and steps up even when he doesn’t need to. I loved that he just showed up for Lacey, without anyone asking him to do it, and I admired him for sticking around and ensuring that she was going to be okay. Yes, a lot of that was for selfish reasons because he needs to make sure that his feelings for her aren’t just in his head, but he still did it. And god, Lacey. I loved her tough as nails attitude and her drive. I could totally relate to her needing a job and pushing through despite being treated like shit. I admired Lacey’s passion for what she does and what she believes in, because that’s what makes her so strong. I also loved her relationship with Sal, two people who’ve had to rebuild a connection after Sal’s accident. I loved seeing her slowly unravel and open up to Seth, giving him a glimpse into who she really is. There was just so much about these two that won me over.

“Because she is someone he needs. She burns just like him. Found, but still lost, grappling for that purpose in life.”

Their relationship isn’t smooth sailing and it’s not easy, but maybe that’s what I liked about it so much. I also appreciated that they acknowledged the entire course of their relationship—from having crushes on each other, to being enemies to being friends with benefits and then now wanting more. I love a couple that can communicate and grow! And Seth and Lacey do a lot of communicating! They know each other so well that it takes zero effort to read the other, and I loved that Seth always dragged Lacey back from the ‘dark’ places her mind would go, or that he’d be there when she was falling apart. I loved watching them fall in love. While their physical relationship is great and the desperation with which they want each other is always going to be magical, there was truly something so special about their emotional relationship. 

Also (I’ll say it again, because it made me so happy), so much love for all the Alabama and Griff bits, because they are my favourites from the Nashville Stars series and nothing could ever replace them in my heart. But, I’m also super excited for the next one, because it looks like it’s going to be another wild ride!

Thanks to Ava Hunter for generously providing me with an advance copy. I am voluntarily leaving an honest review.

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