Review: “Peaks of Color” by Victoria Wilder

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐✨

Steam: 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Release Date: July 14th, 2022

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CW: drug and alcohol abuse, child abandonment and neglect, mentions of the foster system, mentions of violence

Hot. Arrogant. Talented.
Jack Deacon’s reputation arrived in my small town before he did.

Leave it up to one of my brothers to hire the biggest photographer in sports and then misread the contract.

Now, the six-foot-sexy, dripping with confidence notorious bachelor is staying in my pool house, calling me beautiful instead of boss, invading my workplace, my personal space…and my thoughts.

In Strutt’s Peak, the mountains are our playground, and we provide the entertainment. When your last name is Riggs, you’re royalty here and that makes me the princess who runs this show. Don’t let that title fool you though, I’ve worked hard and earned my place at the boys’ table.

All it takes to unravel everything I’ve been so focused on is a revealing photoshoot and a ride on a gondola.

It turns out that I’m weak for blue eyes and a set of dimples. More than weak, I’m falling head over high heels for him.

But when family secrets unfold and careers take on a new trajectory, everything falls out of focus. Why did we ever start when it was always meant to end? How do I get over someone I never had any business falling under in the first place?


This might be one of my favourite debuts of the year. Victoria Wilder has written such a brilliant story, one that sucked me in and held me in its tight grip till I finished it. Once I started, I forced myself to slow down so I could fully enjoy this story, because it’s so fantastic. Everything about the story got me—the setting, the characters, the STEAM 🔥 and definitely all of the feels! I definitely can’t believe that this is Victoria’s first book, but I have such faith in the magic she’s going to create in the future! 

In Peaks of Color, you’ll find:

✨a truly badass boss babe

✨a charming, sexy photographer

✨one insanely brilliant and vibrant best friend

✨fantastic family dynamics

✨small mountain town vibes

✨sexual chemistry and tension that will set YOU on fire


✨stellar dirty talk

✨fantastic writing

I don’t even know where to start with my feelings for this book, but I’m going to do my best. Everly Riggs! What a brilliant character—she’s at the top of the family business, she’s loud and proud about it, she’s vivacious and sexy and comfortable in her own skin. I love that Everly is fearless and hardworking, she’s got dreams and she’s following through. Family is the most important thing to her and her relationship with her father and her brothers is absolutely perfect. Everly is everything I want to be when I grow up! Plus, she has the most incredible best friend and if I could talk about Giselle forever, I would. I am low-key in love with her and can’t wait for her book (I mean…I hope she’s getting a book, Victoria!). There is just so much to love about this tough as nails, badass, confident, sex positive, dominant and powerful woman. I can’t wait for more people to meet Everly.

“If Jack was steel, then I was the flint. From the moment I saw this man, it was an attraction I couldn’t escape.”

Let’s not even forget about Jack Deacon. Man oh man. He is the definition of rough around the edges bad boy. He’s got a reputation and while Jack is a well known photographer, he’s often known for his extracurriculars. But he’s so damn sexy, it doesn’t matter that he’s getting himself into trouble. If anything, you want him to get into trouble with you. Jack’s confidence and his cockiness adds to his appeal. But, the thing that really made me love Jack was just how important his family is to him. Having grown up in the foster system with his sister, Jack makes sure to always put Kathryn and her son, Benny first. The way he loves them is so heartwarming. The way he’s always there for them. Gah, he is basically the embodiment of all the things that make up a great book boyfriend. Plus, he’s sexy as hell and worships the ground Everly walks on, and isn’t that what we all need?

Their relationship is a bit of a slow burn. There’s lots of pining, lots of fighting their desires and there’s a lot of will they-won’t they that keeps the story moving. I liked that not even once in the time I wanted them to get together did I feel like it was taking too long. Every step had a purpose, every incident incited a little more excitement between these two. And my god, the sexual tension and the mind blowing chemistry. I don’t think I have all the words to express just how wonderfully crafted that was. This book is HAWT. There are multiple open door scenes and every single one of them is mind-blowing and sexy and panty melting. Despite how he carries himself, I love that Everly is the dominant one. And boy, does she make him work for it and beg for it.

“How could I go back to ordinary when I’ve found what I was made for? I was made to love you.”

Strutt’s Peak has won me over and I might just move her permanently at this point, because between all these attractive Riggs brothers and the gorgeousness that is Giselle, I don’t think I’d ever want to leave. I cannot wait for more from Victoria, because this is what her debut is like, I don’t even want to know what the rest of her books are going to do to me.

Thanks to Victoria Wilder for generously providing me with an advance copy. I am voluntarily leaving an honest review.

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