Review: “Flawless” by Elsie Silver

Series: Chestnut Springs #1

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐✨

Steam: 🔥🔥🔥

Release Date: June 24th, 2022

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CW: mentions of infidelity, character with past congenital heart defect, secondary character having a heart attack

The rules were simple. Keep my hands off his daughter and stay out of trouble.

But now I’m stuck with her. There’s only one bed. And well, rules are made to be broken.

I’m the face of professional bull riding—the golden boy. Or at least I was, until it all blew up in my face. Now my agent says I have to clean up my image, so I’m stuck with his ball-busting daughter for the rest of the season as my “full-time supervision.”

But I don’t need a goddamn babysitter, especially one with skin-tight jeans, a sexy smirk, and a mouth she can’t stop running.

A mouth I can’t stop thinking about.

Because Summer isn’t just another conquest. She sees the man behind the mask, and she doesn’t run—she pulls me closer, even when she shouldn’t.

She says this means nothing.

I say this means everything.

She says there are boundaries we shouldn’t cross. That my reputation can’t take any more hits—and neither can her damaged heart.

I say I’m going to steal it anyway.


Here’s the thing about Elsie Silver’s books—they’re all epically good. Not a single book has disappointed me since I picked up Out of the Gate and this one did the trick too. Elsie has a way with writing tropes, characters and worlds that other people don’t and that’s what I really love about her stories. It helps that Elsie is also an amazing person.

“Rhett looks like a downed power line sparking in the dark. And I think I’m about to pick that line up and let the electricity course through me.”

In Flawless, you’ll be treated to:

✨ A truly badass and incredible heroine

✨ A rough around the edges and protective bull rider hero

✨ The world of bull riding

✨ Incredible banter, chemistry and sexual tension

✨ A little bit of that forbidden aspect we all love so much

✨ Some of that delicious age gap

✨ The best kind of family dynamics

✨ Top notch steam and dirty talk

✨ Only one bed

✨ Touch her and I’ll kill you vibes

✨ There’s also some whipped cream and chaps (just read it, trust me)

Summer and Rhett are such a treat. I loved the gradual build of their relationship from Rhett being frustrated that he’s being babysat by his boss’ daughter to being protective and possessive of her. Elsie writes great heroes that we all love and lust after, but you know what she writes even better? Amazing heroines that are smart, witty, sarcastic and beautiful and they’re the only people who can bring the hero to their knees. She did it with the Gold Rush Ranch ladies and she’s done it again with Summer. She’s been through quite a bit and she’s still so strong and badass, it’s hard to not love her.

And Rhett. I’ve said it before, Elsie’s heroes are a breed of their own. When she announced that we were getting Violet’s (from A Photo Finish) family, I was so eager for these books, because Violet is my ultimate Elsie heroine and I’ve always been so curious about these brothers of hers. And now we’ve got one and two more to go and it’s got me really excited! But Rhett is fantastic. Not as grumpy as I thought he would be, which kinda makes him even more interesting (but Cade sounds like a real grump and I am ready for him!). I love how driven and passionate he is, how hardworking he is and how despite the lack of support from his family, he keeps going.

“I’ll burn more bridges to take a kick at the can with you, Summer. Give me a shot.”

Their relationship is beautiful. From their first meeting to their first kiss to the first time they cave into each other; it’s all so wonderfully written. And again, no surprise there, this is Elsie Silver we’re talking about. The chemistry is explosive, the steam is ON FIRE; but most of all, this story has heart. Gah, so much heart (all the puns intended, though). Brace yourself to feel all of the feelings, because it’s just overflowing. From the Eaton family to Summer’s relationship with her father to all of their history and their feelings for each other, it’s beautiful and wonderful and I want more!

Thanks to Elsie Silver for generously providing me with an advance copy. I am voluntarily leaving an honest review.

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