Review: “Lucky Star” by Susannah Nix

Series: Starstruck #4

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐✨

Steam: 🔥🔥🔥

Release Date: May 17th, 2022

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CW: infidelity, toxic friendships, gaslighting, character with anxiety

A lonely barista’s dreams come true when her celebrity crush asks her to pose as his fake girlfriend for the paparazzi.

Boone Sheridan is a TV heartthrob with a public relations problem. He needs to clean up his image and create a distraction ASAP. What better way to do that than pretending he’s settled down with a nice, wholesome, ordinary girlfriend?

Eve Tracey is as ordinary as they come—a pre-school teacher and part-time barista working two jobs to make ends meet. She also happens to be a recovering Boone Sheridan superfan. So when the object of her former obsession walks into her coffee shop and makes her an unbelievable offer, how can she refuse?

Acting like she’s in love with Boone Sheridan is no problem for Eve. But she’s read enough fake dating fanfics to know that being on the receiving end of Boone’s pretend affection is almost certainly a recipe for heartbreak—and she’s too realistic to believe the fantasy will extend any further than that.

There’s nothing for a starstruck fangirl to do but brace herself for the pain of letting Boone go at the end of their temporary arrangement.


I’m happy to repeat it every time I read a Susannah Nix book, but I’m such a big fan of her brand of romance. Ever since I read the Chemistry Lessons books, I’ve been hooked and addicted. And now with the final book in her Starstruck series, she’s done it again! I read the first two books, as well as the novella before this, but I barely remember anything about the first two stories. All I know is that I love celebrity romances and Susannah Nix delivered!

“In case you haven’t figured it out by now, Evie, I’m your number one fan.”

So many things to love about this book! First, their names: Eve Tracey and Boone Sheridan. Second, my most favourite trope: fake dating! And third, honestly just everything about this book. I loved the slow burn of their relationship, I loved the easy rapport the two of them formed even though they were relative strangers. I enjoyed the banter and the chemistry. I love when strangers fit together like puzzle pieces because they have great chemistry and get along like a house on fire. Boone and Eve just fit in all the right ways and it’s so evident in the way their friendship builds.

After a toxic relationship that included some severe gaslighting and the destruction of a great friendship, television star Boone Sheridan is trying to keep his head down. Except, when the marriage of his co-star falls apart and he’s held responsible, his entire career feels like it’s going to explode. Eve Tracey’s working two jobs and doing her best to keep her head above water. And if that’s not enough, her so-called best friend sends her a video of herself having sex with Eve’s boyfriend and completely ruins her day. But when Boone and Eve crash into each other in the back of the coffee shop where she works, suddenly everything in their lives seems like it can sorted out together. It helps that Eve’s one of Boone’s biggest fans and Boone’s slightly obsessed with how Eve’s helping clear his life of darkness without her complete knowledge. And thus the story begins.

It’s a relationship of convenience, really, so the paparazzi stop spreading lies about Boone and his non-existent romantic relationship with his co-star. But it’s also about giving yourself a chance to experience something more and something better. That’s what Boone and Eve are to each other—someone better than anyone they’ve ever been with. Completely different people—outside of the fact that he’s famous and she’s a nobody—Eve and Boone just seem to fit together so well. I loved how well matched they were. Plus, their relationship was incredibly entertaining and amusing to watch unfold.

“When I saw you that day, you were like a light shining out of the fog. I can’t explain it, but it was the first time in months I’d actually felt something. It was like you woke me up and pointed me toward the way out of the darkness.”

Their fake dating was a realistic sort of build. From going to lunch and talking, spending time together while he helps Eve pack up her apartment after the big fall out with her former best friend (god, Becca was horrible!) to attending a casual party with his closest friends—it all just made so much sense. I liked that with each minute they spent together and each interaction, they fell in love with each other without even realising it. I also loved how much they talked about their lives. Yes, it took them time to open up to each other, but I liked that communicating and explaining their pasts and their concerns was a big point. Also, CONSENT. Even to just touch and kiss each other, they asked about it first!

If Lucky Star was a television show, I’d ship the hell out of Eve and Boone. In a heartbeat.

Thanks to Susannah Nix for generously providing me with an advance copy. I am voluntarily leaving an honest review.

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