Review: “The Road Home” by Amy Alves

Series: Landry Love #6

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐✨

Steam: 🔥🔥🔥

Release Date: May 6th, 2022

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CW: domestic abuse, stalking and blackmail, familial expectations, character with dyslexia

I found the woman of my dreams. And then she introduced me to her boyfriend.
Signing up for a yoga class in order to woo the gorgeous instructor could not have gone worse.
First, the class I attended was actually for pregnant women, and I looked like an idiot.
Second, her boyfriend showed up—the one I didn’t know about. The small town rumor mill had let me down.

So I waited. Desperately hoping one day Sadie Miller would see me as more than her charming mechanic friend who flirts with her like it’s his job.
For years I watched her with that jerk—watched as her light dimmed and her smiles faded.

Until one night—one alarming discovery—set us on a different path.
Now I’m her protector, rescuer, friend, roommate—whatever she needs me to be.
What I can’t be is anything more than that.
Even if her body feels perfect nestled against mine.
Even if I know she’ll taste better than any fantasy I’ve ever had.

Because this isn’t about what I want, it’s about what Sadie needs. And she sure as hell doesn’t need her lovesick roommate making a move on her.
But the minute she lets me, I’m going to be everything she could ever want.


I think Amy Alves was saving the most emotional of these stories for the end, because there is absolutely nothing in the world that could have prepared me for how much this book made me feel. The first half had me emotionally compromised and the second half had me floating on a cloud of joy. That’s just how deep I got with this book. I also can’t believe this is the end of the Landry Love series, how am I supposed to go on without the Landry League butting their heads into everything?

Sadie and Sean are so wonderful. Like everyone else who has read these books, Sean Wentholt has just been amusing and entertaining us for a while. But now he finally gets his happily ever after and what a happy ending it is! And then there’s Sadie, who is cute and soft and beautiful, but also everything that Sean isn’t. While she’s friendly and close to all the Landry women we’ve fallen in love with so far, there’s so much more to her than most people can see. I loved that they were complete opposites who wanted only each other and nobody else, even through the dark and painful times in their lives.

“I’m gonna look for rainbows. Today, my rainbow is covered in grease, wears flannel, and makes me smile.”

Speaking of dark and painful…poor Sadie! Domestic abuse is one of the worst things in the world and this poor woman goes through it in phases. Between the emotional damage and the physical stuff, Sadie is so battered. But at the same time, she’s also incredibly strong. I admired how high she held her head and how she pushed through every single day despite the trauma and the pain that came with being with someone who could break her down with just a few words.

The relationship between Sean and Sadie is special. I loved their friends to roommates to lovers transition, because it was slow and steady. Sean is just basically the most wonderful of them all. Between saving Sadie from her old life, to providing her with a place to live and becoming her knight in shining armour, he was perfect. There was so much about him to love, but the way he was with Sadie might just be the best thing ever. He was so gentle and understanding, he took his time getting to know her past and trauma, he let her set the pace of their relationship, building to something beautiful gradually. I feel like that’s what made the relationship so much fun to watch unfold, because their friendship is what makes everything happen.

“There’s no coming back from you, Sadie. Not that I’d ever want to. You’re f**king it.”

Let’s not forget the banter! They spend so much time talking and communicating and I loved their chemistry too! They’re really hot together, their attraction to each other was so incredible. I feel like this is one of the reasons why I love the friends to lovers trope, because there’s all this wonderful history that they share and everything feels happy even when things are bad. Amy’s been upping the ante with the steam in her books and this one really delivered on the heat and it was so wonderfully steamy! 

I’m gonna miss the Landry gang and while I know that Amy’s working on a new series set in the neighbouring town, I really hope we get more of these characters as those books progress!

Thanks to Amy Alves for generously providing me with an advance copy. I am voluntarily leaving an honest review.

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