Review: “Flirt” by Adriana Locke

Series: Carmichael Family, #1

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Steam: 🔥🔥🔥

Release Date: April 8th, 2022

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CW: scenes with toxic family members, mentions of divorce, mention of brain aneurysm (not main characters) 


I’m a single female that’s tired of relationships ruining my life. However, there are times when a date would be helpful. If you’re a single man, preferably mid-twenties to late-thirties, and are in a similar situation, we might be a match.

Candidate must be handsome, charming, and willing to pretend to have feelings for me (on a sliding scale, as the event requires). Ability to discuss a wide variety of topics is a plus. Must have your own transportation and a (legal) job.

This will be a symbiotic agreement. In exchange for your time, I will give you mine. Need someone to flirt with you at a football party? Go, team! Want a woman to make you look good in front of your boss? Let me find my heels. Would you love for someone to be obsessed with you in front of your ex? I’m applying my red lipstick now.

If interested, please email me. Time is of the essence.


When it comes to writing small town, family centric romances, nobody does it better than Adriana Locke. Her families are wholesome, filled with quirky characters and the hottest siblings ever. And it’s never just one book, you get all their love stories and then some. Every time I pick up an Adriana Locke book, I am left longing for the big family that is in my business all the time and the excitement that comes with having such a supportive family. But while the Carmichael family is all kinds of awesome, there is a family that is the complete opposite and the differences are kind of intense.

After reading Sweet, where we met Paige and were briefly introduced to her adopted family, I was really excited to meet the Carmichaels. And they did not disappoint. Starting with their unique names to their different personalities, I was captivated by every single one of them. I loved the relationship that they all have with Brooke, the heroine, and how much they love and adore her even though she’s just an employee. Well, according to the Carmichael’s, she’s more than just an employee and that was so wonderfully depicted.

Speaking of Brooke, she’s a total badass! I love how passionate and focused she is on her job, I love how she’s made something of herself despite the family she was born into. Brooke was whip smart, beautiful and an incredible heroine in general. If I was one of the Carmichael brothers, I’d be in love with her too, there’s no doubt about it. I love that when it comes to work, everyone looks to Brooke to guide them. As an interior architect, the way her mind works is different and she’s full of brilliant ideas and smart concepts. And if that’s not enough, she’s got the best kind of friendship with Jovie, I need more of them!

And then there’s Moss. He’s part of Brooke’s team and one of the Carmichael boys. While we got to see a lot of Brooke and her past from the beginning, Moss was a bit of a mystery for a good chunk of the story. I loved him, though. He was all charm and sex appeal, he was a rough and tumble kind of guy who works with his hands and is good at it too. Plus, he’s hilarious and far too entertaining. His relationship with his parents and brothers was a huge part of why I liked him. Honestly, these Carmichael brothers are insane, but in all the best ways. I was entertained by them and their shenanigans from the start.

“When I’m around you,” he says softly, his eyes never leaving mine, “I think maybe my heart can be fixed someday.”

I absolutely adored Moss and Brooke’s relationship—a friends to lovers, workplace romance with a little bit of fake dating. It’s the ingredients for an awesome story and Adriana really delivered! Because they’ve known each other for as long as they’ve worked together, they already have all of the chemistry and banter down perfectly. The two of the are great together and I enjoyed every interaction because they kept up with the other. The banter should get another mention, because it was so entertaining. I loved the relationship they build before Brooke decides she needs a fake boyfriend to put on a show for a family event.

One of my favourite things about their relationship was Moss trying on different nicknames that would work for Brooke and how she kept shooting every single one down. Also, despite being friends, I loved that they took their time getting to know each other and really build something that was real. There was just so much chemistry and lust oozing off of them, I’m surprised they hadn’t done anything together till that moment.

Brooke’s family is the worst (except for her grandmother, Honey) and the toxicity that they bring into the book was a tough part to get through. But Adriana handled that whole thing like a champ. I felt so bad for Brooke, because the kind of life she was born into was terrible and she still turned out so strong and powerful and confident. And while I wasn’t a big fan of the conflict and how it was born from all of this, I’m okay with that, because the rest of the book made me feel all kinds of joy!

I am beyond ready for more Carmichaels because Adriana gave us another entertaining family to love and obsess over!

Thanks to Candi Kane PR for generously providing me with an advance copy. I am voluntarily leaving an honest review.

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