Review: “Broody Devil” by Melissa Ivers

Series: Nashville Devils #3

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Steam: 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Release Date: March 24th, 2022

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CW: abusive parent, mentions of domestic abuse

The last thing I need is a wife. Especially if it’s one woman who can’t stand me.

I’m the bad boy of the NHL. The enforcer with a mean punch and bad attitude. The ladies don’t seem to mind and my stick is always ready to go. So, I have a few scandals. Who doesn’t?

Everything was fine until she clicked into my life with her hot pink Barbie heels. After one too many tabloid exploits, my career is in jeopardy, and she demands I clean up my act.

I can’t not say no. Even if I want to. The stakes are too great.

Turns out I’m not so good at behaving and even drag Miss Perfect into the mud when we wake up naked, hungover, and wearing matching wedding bands. But it’s one problem I can fix with an easy annulment. That is, until the press and her parents come knocking on our door.

Now, we have to pretend to like each other. Wouldn’t be too hard except I’m finding I like having her under my skin.

When this fake marriage gets checked, can I convince my wife I’m worth the risk?


“The pink terrorist that is my wife has me under her spell. Now I need to break it before we’re both ruined.”

When I read the first two books in the Nashville Devils series, I fell in love with the fun and wild players on the team. The books were lighthearted and entertaining and I was excited about Broody Devil. What I did not expect was for my feelings to be completely shattered, my heart filled and ripped apart and put back together all at the same time. Melissa Ivers basically went all out with this story and delivered something so wonderful, I need more people to read this masterpiece. 

When we first met Lucy Hurst in book one, I fell in love with her. She was sassy, covered in pink and all round badass. To be able to wrangle an entire team of hockey players is no easy task, but Lucy does it like a boss. Her friendship with Jazz was special and her connection to Gordon was intriguing. And like almost everyone else, I thought that’s what book three would be about—and I love that Melissa acknowledges that in this book as well—but what we got was so much better. Lucy is so incredible. Her passion for the work she does, how headstrong she is through everything. We know a little about her family drama and history thanks to meeting Elle in book two; so to see this incredibly strong woman in her own book was a treat. I admire Lucy for breaking away from what everyone wanted her to do to carve her own path. I loved how she stood her ground even when everything else was possibly crumbling around her. Plus, I love how she owns the colour pink with pride and looks good doing it.

While I definitely thought we were getting a Lucy/Gordon romance, it’s clear that the only person who could have handled Lucy Hurst is Rhett Remington. My god. Rhett joins the ranks of book boyfriends because he is the kind of broody, wounded and grumpy hero that I love. With a tragic and abusive past, Rhett’s kept to himself everywhere he goes. A huge fight with a former teammate sends him to Nashville where he’s one strike away from losing any hope of playing hockey again. Rhett is temperamental, aggressive and broody as all get out. He knows that he needs to get more comfortable with his teammates, but his defence mechanism really stops him from getting too close. It’s only when Lucy steps into his life that he starts to thaw a little. But even then, it’s not an easy task. He’s a tough one to break and I loved him so much.

“You look like a walking sex advertisement.”

“And you, sweetheart. You look like a wet dream come true.”

This is the kind of grumpy x sunshine romance I like, where the hero is just constantly grumpy and the heroine is the complete opposite. But through it all, she’s the only one that can make him crack a smile or do something different. Rhett and Lucy’s shotgun wedding turned marriage of convenience story is sexy in every way. The attraction is there from the start and there’s no denying that they want each other, but with rules in place to protect them from making a big mistake, their relationship isn’t as easy as they’d like. But they make it work. Watching these two slowly get to know each other, but having Rhett stop Lucy at every turn from digging into his past was both exciting and frustrating. Rhett’s need to protect himself and everyone else around him was commendable and I admired how strong they were in the face of their feelings for each other.

While I have no love for Lucy’s father, I do appreciate them showing up to push these two together in the hottest and most beautiful way possible. I mean…the steam in this book is HOT. But it’s also so deep, all the puns intended. Sex between Lucy and Rhett is about scratching an itch, but mostly, it’s about how Rhett expresses his feelings for Lucy. Every touch, kiss and minute they’re together is so intense because of the way they feel. And let’s not even get started on the wild things they did, or where they did it or the fact that Lucy let Rhett be the first man to try new things with her. Because woooie *fans self* I’m still warm all over just thinking about those scenes.

I’ve also got so much love for the Devils and for how annoyingly persistent they are. I loved Tag and Lincoln in their own books and I’m really curious to see where Foster’s story goes, but I just love these guys so much! For them, it’s about so much more than just a sport, it’s about a brotherhood and I absolutely loved their need to bring Rhett into that circle even if he wants nothing to do with all of them. But that’s what makes this friendship and bromance so interesting. 

At the end of the day, Broody Devil is about so much more than the love and sex between Rhett and Lucy. It’s a story about being kind to yourself, a story about accepting help and giving yourself a chance to be happy. It’s about closure, leaving the toxicity in the past and moving forward with unconditional love. Rhett’s journey to accepting his truth—that he deserves better than his father—is such an incredible part of this story. 

I am so glad that I discovered Melissa Ivers and her books, because I am now obsessed with the Devils and their journey to finding their happily ever afters!

Thanks to Melissa Ivers for generously providing me with an advance copy. I am voluntarily leaving an honest review.

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