Review: “Resolution” by Adriana Locke

Series: Mason Family, #5

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐✨

Steam: 🔥🔥🔥

Release Date: December 10th, 2021

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From USA Today Bestselling author Adriana Locke comes a workplace romance between a grumpy, alpha architect and his new client—who just so happens to have the blueprint to bring him to his knees.

Romance is not in Wade Mason’s portfolio.
This is tragic. It’s unfair that a man so maddeningly gorgeous—an architect with a deliciously squarish jaw, adorably dimpled chin, and the hottest black glasses that straddle the line between professional and provocative—rebukes all things love.

I knew this well before I walked into his office.
The man is a conundrum—a complicated, steel-wall of a puzzle. On one hand, he brushes against me in the conference room with a broodiness that sets me on fire. He demands in-person meetings nearly every day about the house we’re working on together. I catch him watching me out of the corner of his eye with a look that’s anything but platonic. But any talk of hook-ups, love, or relationships—even in general? Completely off the table.

I’m determined to peel back his layers until I get to the bottom of the mysterious businessman. But my plan is foiled by a surprise that leaves both of us reeling. Neither of us see it coming but it changes everything … forever.


Like me, if you’ve been reading and enjoying the Mason Family series, then you’ve also been incredibly curious and drawn to Wade Mason. I’ve had a few hits and misses with this series, so I told myself not to expect too much from Wade because I didn’t want to be disappointed. But oh my god, Adriana knocked it out of the park with this one. Almost like she was waiting for the best brother to deliver the best story. It’s a grump x sunshine, working together, deliciously slow burn romance that will set you and your Kindle on fire. And if you’ve been unsure about your feelings for Wade Mason so far, you’re going to LOVE him in Resolution.

As one of the best known and well-respected architects in Savannah, Wade’s always in demand. But unlike his brothers, Wade doesn’t believe that he needs to take on every job that comes his way. Wade is the definition of grouchy, grumpy and broody. He doesn’t have time for frivolous activities, he doesn’t understand the need for weddings or parties and he definitely doesn’t understand why Rosie, his niece, loves him so much. His brothers tease him about the way he is and Wade doesn’t care. He’s rough and hard to be around sometimes, but his family loves him anyway. And honestly, it’s why most readers of this series would love Wade too. Even though he’s not good at physical affection or being a ray of sunshine all the time, when it comes to his family, Wade will drop everything to be there for them. There are so many special scenes in this book that made me tear up because of how much love there is within the Mason family. They are all so beautiful together.

On the other side, Dara Alden has been handed a rough life. Raised by a single mother and ignored by her estranged father, Dara has made something of herself slowly. She’s now a popular portrait photographer and spends her time cleaning baby puke from her photography gear and craving some kind of companionship after watching all the newlyweds pose for photographs on the other side of her lens. Dara’s also got a whole lot of family drama—which I’m not gonna divulge because it plays a huge part in the story—but her grandfather wants her to hire an architect to build her a house on a plot of land that he’s bought for her. And Dara approaches Wade, because as the most sought after architect, who better to build her dream home than him? Dara’s feisty and sassy, she’s so much fun. I loved her wit and her charm, her eye for detail and the fact that nothing can bring her down. Dara might have been handed a bad set of moments in her life, but she’s overcome them to become the woman you meet in the book and she’s so fantastic.

Dara and Wade’s relationship is amazing. He’s gruff and frustrating, but that only makes Dara work harder to get under his skin. Their banter and confusing flirtation made my life. Everything about Wade draws Dara in—he’s her catnip, simply put—and while Wade keeps his secrets, thoughts and feelings close to his chest, everything about Dara gets to him too. They spar verbally through a good portion of the book, but you can see Wade soften when he’s with Dara. It’s not quick or obvious, it’s so slight and subtle, but it just goes to show that even the gruffest men in the world have a weakness. Wade might be Dara’s catnip, but she is his kryptonite and he doesn’t even realize it. He finds her insufferable and she loves making him squirm and together, they’re a match made in heaven.

Their romance is such a good slow burn that there was a moment when I felt like maybe I’d have to wait all the way till the end—and it would have been worth it. There’s lots of chemistry, sexual tension and building up of feelings before everything tips over. And even their naked scenes together are so beautifully written. Their chemistry extends to how easily they fit together in and out of bed, how smoothly their dialogue flows and how despite neither of them ever saying anything, the other always knows what’s going on.

Some amount of angst awaits you in this book, but it’s a very emotionally driven story for both Dara and Wade. And while their love story and the two characters themselves are absolutely wonderful, the scenes that broke me were the ones with the Mason family. Every single member—and their other halves, including Rosie—bring so much to the table with their distinct personalities. It was great to see all the brothers again after meeting them in their individual books. And I loved how much we got of Siggy Mason, because she is one of my favourite matriarchal characters in fiction.

With Resolution, Adriana Locke delivered an incredible story about love, about giving yourself a second chance, it’s also about familial love and building relationships. And I hope that everyone enjoys this story as much as I did!

Thanks to Adriana Locke for generously providing me with an advance copy. I am voluntarily leaving an honest review.

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