Review: “Black Siren’s Song” by Mila Nicks

Series: Paranormal Hunters, #3

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐✨

Steam: 🔥🔥🔥

Release Date: October 29th, 2021

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Welcome to Pearl’s Cove, where the sun shines bright, the water glistens, and men are on the dinner menu…

After a summer on the road, paranormal investigator Aiden and lunar witch Selene arrive in the beach town Pearl’s Cove. But things aren’t so sunny in the tourist town—men are going missing, and their bones are washing up on shore. Locals believe a monstrous sea creature is behind the attacks. Some even claim to have seen the creature lurking among the ocean tides.

As if matters can’t get any worse, someone from Aiden’s past shows up, and she’s a little too happy to cause friction between the partners turned lovers. Now they must navigate the stormy waters of not only the ocean itself, but of their relationship, too. With more victims turning up and time running out, one bone-chilling thing becomes clear: Aiden is the next man on the menu.


Oh my god, this book! I have been obsessed with Selene and Aiden since we met them in Black Witch Magic and with this third book in her Paranormal Hunters series, Mila Nicks took me on the wildest ride of my life and I am still reeling from everything that happened! Let me preface by saying that while you don’t have to read the first two books of the series to enjoy Black Siren’s Song, it’s definitely better to read them in order so you get the full experience. If you’re a fan of paranormal romance and a little bit of suspense tossed in, then this is right up your alley. When Mila announced the first book, I was initially a little uncertain, but now? I am SO deeply involved in their lives, their stories and their mysteries that Mila is going to have to work her own magic to get me to give up on these two.

The third book in the series takes Selene and Aiden to California, and to a small town that doesn’t seem to show up on maps called Pearl’s Cove. They’re on the hunt for Selene’s grandmother, Luna, and it’s taken them everywhere but now they’re in this idyllic town where everyone is happy and the homes are brightly painted and on the surface everything looks great. But things are not actually that great. If anything, there’s darkness lurking beneath the colourful surface and the couple find themselves getting sucked into this chaos whether they like it or not.

“Aiden was a stickler for rules and routine. But that was what made his partnership—and relationship—with Selene so successful. He kept her grounded when her head floated among the clouds, and she pushed him outside his comfort zone when necessary.”

So much happens in this book and I think compared to the other two, Black Siren’s Song is packed with lots of magic, mythical creatures and suspense! If it wasn’t clear yet, there’s a siren killing men in the small town and our leads have to find a way to uncover that without alerting everyone to what they’re doing. But every single minute of this book is filled with something exciting happening and it kept me hooked all the way through. Like with the other two books, there’s only so much I can say before I give it all away, so I’m going to keep my review as concise as I can.

Not only do we meet more witches and we get to see Selene explore her magic in a whole new way, we also get to see a part of Aiden’s life we all happily forgot about. Plus, we get to see them deal with some tension in their relationship that is brought on by an outside source, which is so stressful! I really enjoyed watching their relationship evolve, though. With each book, we get more and more of their intimacy and their bond, and the strength of their love for each other. Aiden has Selene, completely, but he still pines for her. And I love just how much attention he pays to her at all times. It’s almost like he can’t take his eyes off of her and that makes my heart so flipping happy!

Their romance aside, Black Siren’s Song is very exciting. It’ll have you at the edge of your seat in anticipation of what comes next. Mila has crafted incredible twists and turns that I didn’t see coming, but I was also not too shocked by the reveals. However, there is ONE twist that completely caught me off guard and has me SO EXCITED! Brace yourself for sirens, mermaids and sea witches, spooky and creepy feels throughout the book and a steamy good time.

I cannot wait for more Selene and Aiden and I can’t wait for more people to read these books and feel the same way!

Thanks to Mila Nicks for generously providing me with an advance copy. I am voluntarily leaving an honest review.

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    1. Yes! The covers and the books are so wonderful. I love everything about Selene and Aiden and Mila does such a good job with their relationship and all of the magical hijinks!


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