Review: “Change on the Fly” by Maren Moore

Series: Totally Pucked, #1

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Steam: 🔥🔥🔥

Release Date: October 15th, 2021 

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CW/TW: Mentions of cancer, divorce and parental abandonment, parent with Alzheimer’s disease 

Imagine being in love with your best friend’s brother.
Then.. keeping it a secret for years.

Ridiculously charming, a total player and a hockey super star… Reed Davidson has been the boy next door who’s had my heart for as long as I can remember.

He was the ultimate bad boy, and I was just his sister’s shy best friend.

But when Reed’s world is suddenly flipped upside down and he gets custody of his nephew, I’m the only one who can help.

I shouldn’t have offered to come on the road with them, but Reed wasn’t cut out to be a single dad and I knew he needed help. I tried to hide my feelings for him, but the two of us, the cutest kid on the planet, and a long hockey season were a recipe for disaster.

Reed was used to getting everything he ever wanted, and this time… He wanted me.
Only now, the stakes are higher and my heart is the one on the line.


When we first met Reed in The Newspaper Nanny I was really intrigued by him. I should have known that Maren Moore would give us a book and a whole series about the hockey team he’s a part of. You’ll recognise the Avalanches as the team Liam used to coach, but now that he’s moved onto high school hockey, we’re getting a 5-book series about a group of hockey players to fall in love with. And so far, I love what we’re getting and just how exciting this series is going to be.

Change on the Fly is the first of the Totally Pucked series and it follows Reed Davidson as he goes from being the responsible playboy of the team to becoming a guardian to his nephew and falling for his little sister’s best friend. Reed and Holland deliver so many feels in this book and I absolutely devoured it in one sitting, because that’s just how fun, flirty and sexy Maren Moore’s stories are.

I absolutely loved Holland. Her love for her father and her best friend is so beautiful, and even though her heart wants what it wants, she’s been holding herself back from following through because she knows it’ll hurt Emery. Holland is a quiet character, she works hard and she loves just as hard. As a book lover and someone who puts everyone else’s well being over hers, Holland is really easy to relate to and love. She’s got such a big heart and when she meets Evan, Reed’s nephew, you can see just how much love is in her soul and how much she’s willing to give for that little boy.

Reed might be my favourite Maren Moore hero so far. He starts out as a player and a protective older brother, but when he’s thrust into this difficult situation, Reed adapts. His character growth and his strength is incredible. I love that even though he hesitated about taking Evan in, the minute that kid was in his life, he put everything on the line for him. I also admired the fact that Reed asked for help when he needed it, instead of just convincing himself that he could totally do everything on his own. He’s also an incredible hockey player and I loved that his teammates lean on him and admire him when it comes to almost everything. And his love for his family went above and beyond, I honestly just loved everything about him.

And of course, Reed and Holland’s relationship was great! As the older brother of her best friend, Holland has been in love with Reed her whole life. She’s loved him from a distance and she’s been good about never letting him know. But when she agrees to go with him on the road as Reed and the Avalanches attend away games, things start to change. Reed’s also seeing Holland in a new light, he’s drinking in her beauty and her curves and her charm, and it’s becoming harder for them to resist each other. For Emery’s sake, they’re keeping their distance, but one night all the lines get blurred and all of a sudden they can’t keep their hands off of each other. 

Maren Moore writes great steam and it’s just as incredible with Reed and Holland. I loved that even after hesitating for a bit, they jump into a purely physical relationship while they’re travelling. It’s hot, sexy and delicious every single time they’re together and all that sexual desire that they hold inside the first half of the book explodes the moment they’re alone together. 

I am desperately waiting for the rest of these books, because between the titles and the little sneak we got for Sincerely, The Puck Bunny I’m going crazy thinking about what could be coming!

Thanks to Maren Moore & Wildfire Marketing Solutions for generously providing me with an advance copy. I am voluntarily leaving an honest review.

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