Review: “Love’s Influence” by Tori Alvarez

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Steam: 🔥🔥🔥

Release Date: October 26th, 2021

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Can a summer fling turn into more?

Teacher by day and social influencer by night, Olivia Moran is looking forward to a free summer getaway.

A vineyard in a small Texas Hill Country town is the perfect way to begin her summer vacation.
Relaxation, food and wine were the only things on her mind until she meets Lorenzo DeZavala, executive chef of the restaurant on the premises.

Now her summer just got hotter!


This novella is my second Tori Alvarez book and I loved that it was a quick, flirty and hot read. It’s the perfect balance to all the angst and drama I’ve been reading, so it helped clear my mind, but also gave me a much needed boost of steam to keep me going.

Olivia Moran is a part-time influencer and school teacher who is looking for more in life. She likes her two jobs, but like everyone else in the world, she wants more and rightfully so! When she’s invited to a vineyard in Texas Hill Country, Olivia doesn’t realise that it’s going to change her life in so many ways.

As a fan of wine, I was really excited to go on this journey with Olivia and I enjoyed all of the scenes with food and drinks. I also really liked Olivia, because she’s a strong, independent woman and she knows her strengths and uses them to do her job in the best way possible. Olivia is a unique kind of influencer, because she pours so much of herself into her pictures and her blog articles, which means that she’s facing off with all the pretentious influencers who aren’t really meant for this kind of excitement. I liked the way Olivia saw the world, and what she wanted to share with everyone else about what she was experiencing.

At this vineyard and resort, Olivia meets sexy, popular and tattooed chef Lorenzo DeZavala. There’s some flirting, a lot of teasing and before Olivia knows it, she and Lorenzo are falling into bed together after all the kisses and the gentle touches. I liked what we got of their relationship, but I really wish we could have seen Lorenzo’s POV as well, because I would have loved to get into his head and really explore what he was feeling when it came to Olivia and their feelings.

It’s all insta-lust, which was expected since Love’s Influence is a novella, but the story and the relationship felt full enough to enjoy. Lorenzo is truly a swoony hero, because he went so out of his way to show Olivia a good time with fun surprises and picnics and even ensuring that she was able to do more with what she’s good at and what she enjoys. I do wish this was longer, because I think I would have loved to see more of Lorenzo and Olivia’s relationship going forward!

Thanks to Tori Alvarez for generously providing me with an advance copy. I am voluntarily leaving an honest review.

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