Review: “Snipe” by Mary Morano

Series: Mooseheads Hockey, #2

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Steam: 🔥🔥🔥

Release Date: October 1st, 2021

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Serious relationships are NOT meant for College…

At least that’s what Justin believes. As a member of the Mooseheads Hockey Team, Justin is known for three things: Hats, Parties, and giving the best advice around.

As he starts his junior year of college at Monroe University, he knows it will be the best one yet. Life is going great for Justin, until Becca stumbles her way in. When she tells him she’s pregnant after a drunken one night stand that neither can fully remember, he’s left with a choice. Will he step up and be the man they need him to be, or will he run away like his own parents did?

This story is told from both Justin and Becca’s POV. It involves themed college parties, lots of different hats, and some interesting ideas for baby gifts.

The Mooseheads Hockey Series is a set of standalone hockey romance books. They can be read separately, but may be better enjoyed in order.


I am a sucker for hockey romances and when you toss in a secret pregnancy and all of the college shenanigans you can imagine, you’re treated to a fun, flirty and quick romance. Snipe is the second in the Mooseheads Hockey series by Mary Morano and after meeting Tattoo in Open Lanes, I was really looking forward to what kind of chaos he would find himself embroiled in. And I gotta say, I enjoyed every minute of it.

Justin aka Tattoo is a god on campus. Thanks to his good looks, his charming personality, his wild themed parties and of course his spot on the hockey team; everyone knows who Justin Samson is. He’s also never had a girlfriend and has been with his fair share of puck bunnies. So when he meets Becca Addington, he’s the most surprised by how much he wants her. And not just in his bed, he wants her everywhere and all the time. A class assignment brings them together and their friendship slowly builds into adorableness and then when a themed party gets really wild for the two of them, everything starts to fall apart.

I loved Becca. I loved how she fought for what she wanted by coming to college and living her own life. Growing up sheltered and in a very conservative home, Becca took the opportunity to make something for herself. She got into a college away from home with a full scholarship and she started making friends, while also opening her mind up to so much more. When things with Justin get complicated, Becca doesn’t wallow in it for too long; she pulls up her pants and gets down to figuring out a way for things to make sense for her. And I love that she wasn’t going to let this silly jock control her life!

Their relationship was a little rocky for me, it took me a while to get invested in them because both of them were pushing the other away. I didn’t love Justin till things started to fall into place, because he was the reason everything got so messy. But when he finally steps up and takes responsibility, he gets pretty damn swoony. He pulls out all the stops and ensures that Becca and their unborn baby are happy and safe. I appreciated that about him, because for a while there, I was worried I’d never find my love for him again!

Snipe is low angst, but heavy on the found family feels. I love how the hockey team, the girls and even the coach and his girlfriend came around to provide for this little family. Those feels were so intense, I definitely shed a few tears. I’m a big believer in finding your own family, even if you have a real one, because the friends and family members you adopt along the way are always the most special of them all. I am very excited to see what happens with Jessica and Sticks, because it definitely looks like there’s an interesting story there.

Thanks to Mary Morano & Wildfire Marketing Solutions for generously providing me with an advance copy. I am voluntarily leaving an honest review.

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