Review: “A Place to Belong” by Alexa Rivers

Series: Blue Collar Romance, #2

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Steam: 🔥🔥🔥

Release Date: September 10th, 2021

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Horror author Felicity Bell moves to the charming town of Oak Bend after being shunned from the last place she called home. When she walks in the door of her new rental, she doesn’t expect to find a half-naked man standing in her kitchen. There’s just one problem: Wyatt Dawson seems to think it’s his kitchen. Misunderstandings aside, her new neighbor is lumberjack hot, and his grumpiness only makes her more determined to bring a little joy to his life, even if he’d rather be left alone.

Burned by his past, Wyatt isn’t about to let the cheerful free spirit next door into his heart only for her to crush him when she flits out of town again. But with his well-meaning, matchmaking, mother on the case, these two end up spending far too much time together and things between the unlikely pair quickly heat up.
It may be true what they say—opposites do attract, but only if their relationship can survive Wyatt’s interfering ex-girlfriend and Felicity’s fear of history repeating itself.


I am falling in love with Oak Bend! The second in the multi-author series features two people who you’d never imagine having anything to do with each other. This enemies to lovers, grump x sunshine love story is really great. I loved how much we got to learn about the characters and how much more of Oak Bend we got to see. I love small towns where one (and sometimes both) characters are so much a part of the town that everyone gets involved. But also when the newcomer is adopted into the town by the people!

Felicity is a horror author who has always been looked down upon by her friends and family, because they believe that in order to write horror, her mind must be a dark and twisted place. It’s always triggered her and it upsets her when people don’t understand that her writing doesn’t define her. If anything, Felicity is completely different from the genre she writes in – she is pure sunshine from her blond hair to her vivacious personality. He’s not the town grump, but Wyatt isn’t the happiest person in Oak Bend either. After a break-up that left him wounded, he’s become a little less social and keeps to himself. He works hard, he spends time with his family and he minds his own business. He’s not a bad guy, he’s just not the easiest person to be around and he doesn’t trust easily.

Their relationship started off really nicely. I loved how they met and how every interaction after that was filled with grunts and smiles and lots of flirting. Felicity and Wyatt are drawn to each other, no doubt, but they’re both fighting this attraction. Mostly because Wyatt doesn’t need a relationship and he’s certain that being around Felicity will make him want that and so much more. But he’s being careful and not letting himself get carried away with what he wants from her. Every now and then, I love possessive heroes who suddenly wake up and realise that they were being idiots and then lay claim to the woman when he gets jealous. Their relationship is a slow burn, but it’s still worth it and I enjoyed watching them go through the motions! To have karaoke be the trigger for them to take things to the next level is a new one for me, but I absolutely enjoyed that scene.

However, I’m really not a fan of when the ex comes into the picture to try and upset the balance of everything. I think even without Wyatt’s ex ever appearing, the conflict would have worked out just fine. The story got a little unsteady with her presence, because I expected her to do more damage and she didn’t. That was a little strange in my opinion. I didn’t appreciate Wyatt towards the end of the book. He kept accusing Felicity of being ‘sensitive’ and that’s a word that drives me insane. I don’t like it when people use that to describe women, because it’s never in a positive aspect. They both have trust issues, but Wyatt doesn’t seem to really care about how his words are affecting Felicity. And I think she forgave him too quickly for the way he handled their fight.

Overall, A Place to Belong was a great small town romance. I loved how much everyone in that town loved and welcomed Felicity, adopting her into their customs and traditions and loving her unconditionally even though she’s not from there. It was also a nicely written, steamy piece of romance which made my heart happy. It’s gotten me curious about the rest of Alexa Rivers’ books, so I’ll be diving into that soon!

Thanks to Alexa Rivers and Indie Pen PR for generously providing me with an advance copy. I am voluntarily leaving an honest review.

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