Review: “When We Were Reckless” by Emery Rose

Series: Lost Stars, #3

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Steam: 🔥🔥🔥

Release Date: August 27th, 2021

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What happens when the love of your life refuses to love you back?

Jesse McCallister.
Motocross legend. Reckless heartbreaker. And the love of my life.
Too bad he only thought of me as his best friend’s little sister.
Naïve and innocent. Only eighteen. Completely off-limits.

Unrequited love… was there anything more painful?
Turns out there was—when he kisses you but has no memory of it.
When he tells you his heart was broken, and he doesn’t believe in love.
When he doesn’t want you kissing anyone else, but you’re stuck in the friend zone.

Despite the odds stacked against us, my foolish heart refused to stop loving him.
Now I’m falling under his spell. Drowning in his perfect lies. Addicted to his stolen glances and forbidden kisses.
I’m on a collision course with disaster and only one thing is certain… Jesse McCallister is going to ruin me.


Another McCallister boy falls for the girl he didn’t expect! I absolutely loved the first two books, but Brody and Shiloh might just be my favourite of this series. And if Goodreads is to be believed, then we’ve got two more to come and I am giddy with excitement because I have so many questions about Ridge and Gideon! Emery Rose has managed to suck me into this vortex of emotions and angst and sexy times that I don’t want to climb out of. Her brand of romance is so unique and special, I can’t wait to see what else she does when this series ends.

In When We Were Reckless, we get to see a slightly different age bracket and storyline. Jesse McCallister is a motocross legend and he’s made a name for himself even though he’s only 27. But when one bad thing turns into many, he walks away from the sport to lick his wounds and returns to his hometown. Quinn Cavanaugh might be the youngest and the only girl in the family, but she’s a force to be reckoned with. Having just graduated high school with plans to move to California for college, the last thing she expects is to have the boy she’s loved her whole life come wandering back into town.

Quinn and Jesse have a complicated relationship because everyone and their dog knows that she’s been in love with Jesse since she was a kid. But he’s never allowed himself to feel that way about her or even see her that way. She was always the kid sister of his best friend and Jesse knew that there were some lines you didn’t cross no matter what. But Quinn has never cared about that, her love for Jesse is overwhelming and she’s followed him and her brothers around and she’s never shied away from what she’s wanted from him. 

“Love makes you reckless. All logic and reason flew out the window, and you let your emotions take the driver’s seat.”

And with Jesse dealing with his broken heart and the end of his career, he’s not in the best place to really give Quinn what she wants. But that doesn’t matter to her, she just wants to be with him and be around him, everything else can fall into place whenever and however. And his relationship with Quinn has always been completely different from what she’s always wanted from him. But, as you can imagine, it starts to change. It starts to evolve into something else and something more. Both of them know the dangers of crossing that line, especially since her brothers are constantly trying to protect her, but sometimes you have to ignore everyone else and take what the heart wants, right? And that’s exactly what Quinn and Jesse do.

I really loved the family and friends dynamics in this, because I feel like I know all the McCallisters at this point and those scenes made my life. And I really enjoyed meeting and learning about the Cavanaughs and the lives that the three brothers, their mother and estranged father lead. But I feel like the book was very heavily focused on these dynamics and not as much on the relationship between Jesse and Quinn. I didn’t connect to them as much as I would have liked and that was a little disappointing. I also think Jesse might be my least favourite of the McCallister boys at this point, which is sad, because he definitely seemed like my kind of guy. Though, let’s be honest Cowboy Brody is my favourite and nobody can take his place.

I look forward to seeing what the next books hold and just how much of the two families we’re going to keep seeing!

Thanks to Emery Rose & Wildfire Marketing Solutions for generously providing me with an advance copy. I am voluntarily leaving an honest review.

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