Review: “Exit Through Tortuga Bay” by Alicia Crofton

Series: Escape in Paradise, #2

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Steam: 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Release Date: August 13th, 2021

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All Noah wants is surfing, sunsets, and pura vida. But a 200 kilo problem is really cramping his style. Now a drug cartel is on his tail and he needs a place to hide.

Grace sells adventures for a living but is too afraid to go on one herself. When her job takes her to Costa Rica, she meets a charming stranger who pushes her to face her fears. Grace must decide: cozy up in her safe bubble or go on an adventure of a lifetime.

Noah should be hiding, but he can’t keep away from the blue-eyed beauty who captures his heart. He wants to help her break out of her shell, but can he keep her safe from the dangers that come with living on the run?

Transport yourself to the sandy beaches of Costa Rica in this fun-loving action-packed romantic comedy. This can be read as a standalone, or read as the second book of the Escape in Paradise series.


If you read Exit Through The Jungle last year, then you already know about the Greene family and the chaos they’ve found themselves in. If you haven’t, don’t worry, everything is explained clearly in this book. In short, the eldest brother of the Greene family gets into a little bit of trouble with a cartel and ends up with drugs in the back of the family coffee truck. This then drags his two brothers into the chaos with him and it’s absolute pandemonium. In the first book of the series, we see Kai and Jolie being chased through the jungle as they go on an adventure. But in the second book, we’re pretty far away from the jungles of Costa Rica, but still dealing with some high-tension stuff as the cartel comes looking for those drugs!

“I’m taking notes on how to be a prince for you.”

Noah joins a long list of amazing book boyfriends, because he was such a treat. As the youngest of the family, Noah’s always lived his life a little more free and cavalier and it shows. He doesn’t take much too seriously and he lives his life the best he can. Noah’s also incredibly charming and swoony, which is great when he’s trying to snag the attention of pretty women. Women like Grace, who don’t think about adventure or taking risks in life. But when Noah steps into her life, it’s almost like she can’t help herself. I mean, I don’t blame her, he’s pretty damn convincing.

I didn’t completely enjoy Exit Through the Jungle, but from the minute I started this book, I was hooked. The characters had my attention right away and I loved how their lives were so different in every single way. Their chemistry was incredible and I love that Noah was constantly pushing Grace to step out of her comfort zone to try something new. But while he was pushing her, he was also very well aware of the fact that that’s not who she is and he held himself back whenever he could. Noah and Grace are relatable and so rooted in reality that you almost feel like you’re friends with them, going on this wild adventure. And that’s something that I wish we had more of in romance.

“Noah opened her eyes to a life she now knew she wanted to live. She wanted fun. She wanted adventure. She wanted to spend her time doing something she loved.”

While this is a love story between Noah and Grace, ultimately, it’s the story of Grace loving herself and taking risks and chances. Everything from going to Costa Rica on a work trip to giving into her feelings for Noah to the day of adventures is her stepping out of her comfortable little box and living her life to the fullest. And this ‘taking chances’ extends to even in the bedroom, because it’s clear that Grace hasn’t experienced sex the way she does with Noah and that really adds a layer of something special to their relationship. I absolutely loved how gentle and slow Noah was with Grace, because he knows that she’s not always going to be ready for something epic every single time. Can we please take a minute to just pray for heroes who use palm leaves to show us a good time?

Prepare to laugh, gasp, jump and cry as you read Exit Through Tortuga Bay, because with the actual adventures they go on and the love that Grace and Noah find, plus all of the cartel chaos, you’re going to be absolutely hooked.

Thanks to Alicia Crofton for generously providing me with an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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