Review: “All The Right Notes” by Elliot Andrews

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Steam: 🔥🔥

Release Date: July 20th, 2021

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Rett Gordon, the lead singer and primary songwriter for breakout country stars Rett Gordon and the Last Train Home, has a problem: despite the city of Nashville re-opening after the global pandemic, allowing the band to play sold-out concerts once again, he suffers from writer’s block. Knowing that a new album is necessary as part of their contractual obligations with Giant Records, he needs to get the songs written.

When the record label hires renowned poet Nico St. John to assist with the writing of the band’s fast-tracked sophomore album, Rett is incensed, trusting his own skills and talents as a songwriter. St. John, initially unimpressed with Rett, is a reluctant partner, seeing the job as a temporary stop-over in her career in academia.

Despite their initial averseness, Rett and Nico begin working together – and the sparks of attraction become harder and harder to hide. As they write the album, Rett’s stardom becoming more and more apparent, the band lands a surprise tour with industry superstar Mackenzie Taylor – who may have ulterior motives of her own with Rett.


CW/TW: Mentions of the pandemic, mentions of sexual abuse, an ectopic pregnancy

Elliot Andrews’ romance debut is the first book I’ve read that talks about the pandemic and its existence! I love that. I know that we all want to forget about the pandemic and how it’s affected our lives, but Elliot weaves it into his story seamlessly and it makes sense given the journey that our hero goes through to get to the end of the book. I’d like to point out that the pandemic doesn’t really play a part in the story, but it’s mentioned in passing; the book is set after the pandemic eases up.

“Though Rett is writing music, he writes like a poet, and it helps me fall into a comfortable rhythm when working with him.”

This was a fantastic debut into the romance genre and I love that Elliot wrote about a rockstar and a poet falling in love! As the lead singer of the band, Rett Gordon is the heart of the band. He writes the lyrics, he produces the music and he leads the rest of the band when they’re on stage. But thanks to the pandemic and how life was transformed, Rett’s suffering from writer’s block. And this is something so many of us understand and his struggles are familiar. So when the label decides that they’re bringing in a little help to change up the band’s next album, Rett is unhappy. Enter Nico St. John. She’s a well-known and respected poet who has all the words Rett needs. She’s beautiful, funny, talented and she’s on Rett’s shitlist. They butt heads and growl at each other when they meet. Rett’s pride is wounded and Nico has only so much patience to deal with juvenile men. Thanks to the help of Rett’s bandmates, they find their balance and well…they make some great music.

I loved Nico so much and how even when Rett was being difficult, she stood her ground and made him work for her time and her energy. Their relationship is rough at first, because he doesn’t want to give in to Nico, but she doesn’t let his childish behaviour affect her life. I know it’s so cliche to say, but it’s always worrisome when a male author writes female characters. But Elliot does such a fantastic job giving us insight into Nico’s life, her friendships and her thoughts and that makes the character so much more appealing. Nico and Rett are definitely attracted to each other and it’s wonderful to see how they overcome their own biases and issues to really connect. We’ve all heard about how music can bring people together and that is so true with these two. Their relationship builds slowly as they go through the motions of discovering each other and writing music together before falling in love.

There were so many little things about their relationship that makes you grin and feel warm and fuzzy. I agree that the relationship did move a lot faster than necessary, but it seemed to work for Nico and Rett. They felt so wholesome and I’m all about wholesome characters with that kind of love buried deep down. 

I can’t wait to read more about these characters and I’m looking forward to what else Elliot Andrews does in the romance genre!

Thanks to Elliot Andrews for generously providing me with an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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