Review: “Force of Forever” by Eve Kasey

Series: All In, #0.5

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Steam: 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Release Date: July 1st, 2021

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Ten years before All In begins…

French billionaire Matt Geier is launching a new business venture, a space tourism company called OrbitAll. Though he’s accepted the ‘legacy over love’ life handed down over generations, there isn’t a damn thing he wants that he doesn’t have.

Until her. Until the sexy flight attendant who changes his world in the course of one flight.

Pia Taparo is in flux. She’s questioning every decision she’s made that’s brought her to this point in life. She’s twenty-three and still so lost.

Until him. Until one sinfully handsome passenger makes her feel like she’s finally found solid ground. On a whirlwind tour of Paris, a city she’s always wanted to see, their night together brings them both to new places.

One flight. One night. Two lives changed.


If you know me at all by now, then you know that when it comes to Eve Kasey’s stories, I am absolutely in love with the magic that she creates. Force of Forever is a companion novella to her All In series, which follows three couples working at OrbitAll, a space tourism agency. In this novella, we get a glimpse into where OrbitAll started and the man behind the company that gave us (meaning, me) some of our favourite characters of 2021.

“I feel like meeting you was fate. Like some force brought us together and kept us that way.”

If you’ve read Fighting Gravity, then you might remember Matt Geier who is Tate Geier’s brother. Matt, like the rest of the Geier family, has dreams of more and so much that he has to offer. He wants to change the world, he wants to do more. And that’s how he came up with OrbitAll. As a billionaire (or maybe the next level, what’s that one called?) Matt has the resources to make it happen, but more than that, he’s got the brain, the passion and the drive to make OrbitAll a dream come true. The Geier family has the same passion and drive, but only inside the company. And like Tate, I absolutely adored Matt. I love how he is so focused on what he wants and what he’s going to achieve, but at the same time, he is willing to look beyond what he has and be more. Do more. Matt’s suave and charming, he’s also drop dead gorgeous, but those are all secondary to how big his heart is. Despite being raised to put ‘legacy over love’, Matt opens himself up to more when he meets Pia. Matt is absolutely captivating and I cannot even begin to put into words just what he made me feel and how much I wished we got more.

Pia Taparo is everything I wish I was, starting with her job description. I’ve always wanted to be a flight attendant, so through his novella, I was living vicariously through her. Pia is the perfect balance to Matt. She’s young and she’s spent a long time unsure of where she belongs or what she should do. In short, Pia is all of us. She’s working a job she’s decent at, but doesn’t necessarily love the way she thought she would. She’s got her family supporting and loving her, but there’s always been something missing and she knows that it’s out there waiting for her. Pia is such an incredible character, guys. She’s so self-aware, but also very conflicted about everything around her. I love how she’s so relatable and natural and makes you feel everything for her every moment she’s on the page.

“They shouldn’t have melded body and soul. But they did. He saw what they had in her eyes. He felt their connection everywhere.”

I’m not a big fan of insta-lust, but none of that mattered with Force of Forever. When you put two insanely attractive people together, you’re bound to have two characters who are physically drawn to each other. It’s absolutely beautiful to watch too, since Pia more or less makes the first move and after that, Matt is never the same again. So much so that he’s willing to toss aside responsibilities and work for this woman who has captivated him so much. It’s a novella, so you think you’re not sure how much of their relationship you’re going to get, but you’ll be so surprised by how Eve managed to pack all of that into this gorgeous story.

Through the streets and luxurious parts of Paris, through conversation and teasing, through soft touches and longing glances; Matt and Pia fall head over heels. What might have started as innocent flirting and a chance for one wild night together turns into so much more and these two characters don’t hold back. I loved that these characters opened up to each other about the little things that matter to them and in their lives, making their story that much more intense and passionate.

“They had both stepped on this plane wanting. They’d step off wanting even more.”

Yet again, Eve Kasey has ruined me with her wonderful characters. You can tell how much thought and time goes into bringing these characters to life. She doesn’t just give you their now, she gives you all pieces of them which rounds them up into such beautiful characters. Even if this might be the last we’ll see of Matt and Pia (unless you’re just starting the All In series, then I’m very excited for you!), they will live in a special place in my life for a long time to come.

Thanks to Eve Kasey for generously providing me with an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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