Review: “Bite the Bullet” by April Canavan

Series: Birch Police Department, #3

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐💫

Steam: 🔥🔥

Release Date: May 31st, 2021

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You can do it.
The last words my brother ever said to me.
I’ve got one chance to prove him right.
And nothing is going to stop me.
Not my friends or family, who think I’m crazy.
Not even a tall, sexy cop, armed with a glare that melts panties.
Too bad I don’t have time to go to war with him.
Because I could think of a dozen different ways to bring him to his knees.
I can’t afford to pay the price of failure.
But the way he looks at me…
Makes me want to break every promise I’ve ever made.

She’s a goddamn menace.
Wrecking me with tears and a mission I sure as shit relate to.
I want to help her, but some lines shouldn’t be crossed.
Nothing she says will change that.
She’s on a mission, but so am I.
And she’s my target.
We both know she doesn’t stand a chance.
But while my eyes are on her…
I can’t see the threat on the horizon.
There’s only one option, and I’ve got to bite the bullet to get it done.
Emma Hayes doesn’t know it yet, but she’s mine.


A quick read, Bite the Bullet is definitely a book that requires a little bit of guidance in terms of characters and their relationships. Meaning, you’re better off reading the first two books before you dive into this one.

Despite my initial confusion, I was quite intrigued by this story and all of these characters. Emma lost her older brother in Afghanistan and she’s made it her mission to stick to a promise she made him before he died. She’s working her way to becoming a member of the Birch police department, but it’s definitely going to take her time to get there. Dominic is a detective with the department, but also in the Reserves, so he could go back into the warzone at any given time. He’s been in love with Emma for as long as he can remember and is very protective of her in every way. It also doesn’t help that he’s her brother’s best friend, even if both their families are trying to set these two up all the time.

I enjoyed seeing the day to day life of an officer in training while Emma and Dominic go through the motions, it also gave me a lot more insight into all the characters and the roles they play in the grand scheme of things. Emma and Dominic have all this tension and chemistry that is a little explosive. Their feelings have been brewing for years and now that they’re finally around each other long enough, everything starts to fall into place. Except, Dominic knows he can’t have a long distance relationship with Emma while he’s deployed again and he hasn’t really told Emma the truth about him leaving either. Which puts them both in a really difficult position.

“I would wait a hundred years if it meant that I could kiss her again.”

Their push and pull was interesting and I definitely wanted more of their relationship growing into what it was. Emma is a tough, independent, badass character and Dominic, while being broody, is also a soft teddy bear who just wants to protect Emma from everything. They’re opposites and yet, they make so much sense together. That was one of the things I definitely enjoyed about their relationship.

As a romantic suspense, I was expecting a lot more action to take place, but all of it was held off till the end. I felt like there wasn’t enough build to that moment, because there was nothing giving me any feeling of danger lurking in the corner. The blurb mentions it, but I didn’t feel like I was reading a romantic suspense. I definitely loved all of the elements that made up this story, but that was definitely one place where it was lacking.

Thanks to April Canavan & Wildfire Marketing Solutions for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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