Review: “Courage for Fools” by Monty Jay

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐💫

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Release Date: May 20th, 2021

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Quinn Michelson has lived her entire life on ‘what ifs’ and the hopes of leaving her mundane town in her rearview mirror.
When a sudden discovery changes her perspective of existence, she decides to hit the road in search of the one thing she’s been needing all these years—herself.
Ahead of her is nothing but the open road, her agenda, and a famous rockstar?

Rhett Kennedy has a silver lining heart. One that gets him in trouble more often than not.
Having lost touch with his music, he doesn’t think twice about bombarding Quinn on her trip of self-discovery.

Rhett is looking for music.

Quinn is looking for herself.

Together, they’ll find laughter, heartache, a little courage and if they’re not careful, very thing that makes the world go round—— Love


“You taste like rock and roll feels, Quinn.”

You know what Monty Jay is really good at? Tugging on your heartstrings. Every book of hers that I’ve read so far has just blown me away. She writes incredible stories, with such complex characters who go on journeys that are relatable, but also so beautifully crafted. And with Courage for Fools, Monty really goes to work on your emotions with a young and impressionable heroine and a swoony rockstar hero. Brace yourself for all the feels.

Quinn Michaelson has lived a quiet and simple life in her small town of Everington, she’s never ventured beyond or thought about it for a long time. But when a life changing piece of news rocks her to her very core, Quinn decides that she needs to do something different with her life. So she grabs her grandfather’s journal and maps out a road trip that she needs to take along the famous Route 66 from coast to coast. She’s going to go out there and live her life to the best of her abilities. The last thing she expects is to meet Rhett Kennedy. As the lead singer of a famous rock band, Rhett is living his best life. But when rage against the label starts to grow, he takes some time off to find his voice and meets Quinn. Her decision to go on a road trip makes him want the same and suddenly he’s found his muse, his journey to finding his music again and Rhett’s not going to give that up.

“I’m just trying to figure out when whistling, stubborn, hot dog eating girls with country accents that only get stronger when they are excited or nervous became my type.”

Rhett is such a swoony character and I know that all of us crave the swoon when it comes to romance. He’s charming and naughty, but also really genuine. I loved that he kept a journal and scribbled his thoughts down, along with song lyrics and worked on his music constantly. He’s also incredibly raw, which is obviously a big shock to Quinn who isn’t used to men like him. I loved that even though Rhett has the money and the means, he agrees to do things Quinn’s way, with a few suggestions here and there to make their journey a little easier.

I really enjoyed Quinn too. She’s a small town girl who wants to see the world, but she’s not sheltered and she’s not some quiet little mouse. Quinn enjoys poetry and life and after living in a small town, she wants more. And I totally relate to that. The world is out there and she’s going to get it. Of course, she’s a little stubborn, which is totally fair. Because she’s only been thinking about this Route 66 trip for a good chunk of her life and she doesn’t want anything to interfere with that. I especially loved how excited she got every time she stopped to admire something her grandfather had mentioned in his journal, it was so honest and open. 

“Have you ever looked at someone and had this feeling that they were going to be a part of your life whether you liked it or not? Yeah, that feeling was riding me like a monkey on my back since he walked into the bar.”

Quinn and Rhett’s relationship is a slow burn. He wants her, right off the bat. She’s a little more guarded, because she knows that things are not going to last beyond the 14 day journey they’re on. Rhett’s far more open and ready to explore things, he flirts with her, he teases her and he slowly works to help Quinn out of her shell. He gets there eventually and when they finally throw all caution to the wind, oh boy, IT IS HOT. One thing I’ve always been guaranteed in Monty’s books are the amazing sex scenes. It’s hot, yes, but every scene is also so deeply rooted in the emotional aspect of the relationship and I love that.

It is a rockstar romance, because you’ve got the elements of the rockstar lifestyle, but it’s not your typical one either. And I loved how Monty played with the rockstar and road trip tropes to give us a really amazing story.

Thanks to Monty Jay and Wildfire Marketing Solutions for providing an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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