Review: “Hard to Lose” by K. Bromberg

Series: Play Hard, #4

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Steam: 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Release Date: March 30th, 2021

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I know finding and signing a military vet to the agency is a long shot–but it’ll be good press just letting him try out. That’s what I tell my family, rather than admit I can’t get the letter he wrote us five years ago out of my head.

But what I tell the bartender in his hometown is a lie. I know veterans protect each other. So I pretend to be a graduate student.

Sparks. Flame. Fire. I accidentally got in too deep.

I didn’t expect to develop feelings for Gunner Camden.

And there’s no way I can admit to my lies now, not without destroying what we share. So I’ll keep faking it.


There are two versions of me: before, and after deployment.

Back then I was a screwup kid. I’d lie, cheat, and steal my way out of everything. My only love was baseball.

After I started fighting, I found out there had been another path for me. One that involved my dream. But by then I had seen too much.

The old me was dead, so I put my dreams to rest, too.

Then Chase Kinkade walks into my bar and reminds me that life is meant to live. No regrets.

Fresh. Happy. Hopeful. I can start to see a new dream, with her.

But sometimes things are too good to be true… and dishonesty is the one thing I can’t forgive.

I can’t believe we’ve reached the end of the Kincade sisters’ stories! I was just sinking my teeth into their lives and now, it’s all over! Unlike most people reading K. Bromberg, I am mostly new to her books, but I am completely and entirely in love with the Play Hard series, the strong women and their love for sports meeting delicious men who play said sports and the relationships they form.

Unlike the first three books, Hard to Lose is a little different. It follows Chase Kincade, the youngest of the four sisters, as she goes on a hunt for a man who was once slated to be a great baseball player. Seven years ago, he was being scouted by agents and teams from all over the country and then he was just gone. Seven years later, a letter lands on Chase’s table and it sends her on a mission – she needs to find this man. This Ryan Camden. And find out if he’s still interested in being a baseball superstar. Except, in her search for Ryan, she crosses paths with a former soldier in a small town and her original plans get waylaid. In every sense of the word. Till everything comes crashing down.

Every single one of the Kincade sisters are brilliant. I’ve loved them all in their own ways, but I’ve always been curious about Chase. As the youngest, she’s been babied by her older sisters, but she’s extremely meticulous and organised and driven. And I loved that about her. She’s had one relationship (I’m looking at you, Finn) and it was a mess and since then, she’s been happy to just sleep around and enjoy no strings attached. Because why ask for more when you can get great sex instead? She’s a strong, powerful, badass of a woman who won’t bow to any man. And when this letter from seven years ago appears in front of her, she knows what she needs to do. Even if it means telling a few white lies, getting what she came for and hurting some people along the way. Except, she doesn’t expect things to go the way they do and that’s when it gets interesting.

“My beginning is her end. My exhale becomes her next inhale.”

Gunner (aka Ryan Camden) has left his old life behind. The only time he’s playing baseball is when he needs to get his stress and anxiety out or when he’s hanging out with kids at The Centre. Gunner has moved on with his life after the war. He lost almost everyone close to him, he sacrificed so much to be standing where he is and he’s a bar owner and bartender and he’s making it work. But guys, Gunner is perfect. He’s given up so much to be where he is and if that’s not enough, he keeps giving up more and more to help others. Brace yourself for some waterworks, because he’s just too good to be true. When Chase Kincade comes waltzing into his life, it’s not what either of them expect it to be. One night of flirting leads to one brilliant date night and then a night of heated passion that fuels the rest of Chase’s time in his small town.

The chemistry between Chase and Gunner is amazing. It’s insta lust, there’s no way around that. They see each other for the first time, and they want each other. They don’t mess around or play hard to get, they both know what the deal is and they’re not going to pretend. So there’s all this wonderful flirting, but there’s also much great banter. That’s one of the things that I feel sets the tone for a couple – the ability for them to banter. It doesn’t always have to be funny, but if they can respond to each other’s comments and statements and enjoy themselves, you know that something deeper and more meaningful is at play.

“Until his kisses that feel like a slow, sweet seduction, pulling you in, dragging you under, becoming a temptation like I’ve never known.”

Chemistry is one thing, but holy gods, the steam level in this book. I put 5 flames simply because it’s that hot. They get right down to it and it’s so beautiful. I don’t know if I’ve ever said this before, but K. Bromberg writes great sex. Gunner and Chase will surely set your Kindle on fire and I sincerely hope you’re ready for what they’re about to unleash, because it’s going to get really hot.

While the conflict was pretty evident early on and I had a feeling about how it would all unravel towards the end, I gotta say, I was already so invested in this couple that I was okay with the predictability of how it all ended. I think of all these couples, Chase and Gunner might be my favourite. 

Thanks to K. Bromberg and Valentine PR for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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