Review: “Frequency of Attraction” by Eve Kasey

Series: All In, #3

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Steam: 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Release Date: February 14th, 2021

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“Devour me like a black hole swallows light.”

At OrbitAll and their parent company, The Geier Group, every problem is Quinn’s problem. She’s the head of public relations. Quinn knows every brand and every Geier family secret. But she’s got a secret of her own: she’s never had an orgasm. It’s an issue that Vadim, the insanely hot new astronaut, has oh-so-casually offered to help her with.

Tattooed literally head to toe and the size of a mountain, Vadim is so not her type. Quinn doesn’t have a type. She’s in committed relationships with product launches and press releases. She’s only slept in her own house once. But her body goes haywire whenever Vadim is near, so she accepts. It’s not like she’ll fall for him. That would be a PR nightmare. It’s strictly business.

When Vadim arrives at OrbitAll, he’s only thinking about one thing: himself, in space. Finally. He’s tired of being a failed astronaut. But then the curvy Geier princess tells him her secret. Since Vadim can navigate a woman’s body as easily as he navigates the sky, he knows he can fix Quinn’s little problem. What’s the harm in putting all his skills to use? Quinn won’t be any different than the dozens of women who have come—and gone—before.

For both of them, it’s just sex. Until it’s more.


“Vadim was right. She could never be interested in anyone else when every mote of stardust in her body vibrated on his frequency.”

Eve Kasey might have warned me that this book was going to be naughty and hot and steamy, but I think I underestimated what she meant when she said that. Because reading this book while trapped in a car on a road trip was not entirely comfortable. That’s how hot and exciting Vadim and Quinn are. So brace yourself for two beautiful characters with secrets and deals and a whole lot of heart.

Like with Fighting Gravity, everything that is happening with Quinn and Vadim happens simultaneously as the other books, so you’ve probably already gotten a little bit of a glimpse into their relationship. But you are not prepared for just how hot this book is. Or how incredible a world Eve Kasey has built for lovers of romance and reading, in general.

Quinn is such an incredible character and I’m so glad we got to see this buttoned up woman being unraveled by this rebellious sexy man. As the head of PR for her family business, Quinn is always putting out fires and picking up after everyone else. She’s barely taken time to do things for herself, because she doesn’t have the time. If it wasn’t for Quinn, the family would fall apart for sure. Except, Vadim walks in and throws her for a loop. All the things that she’s been trying to keep locked up are suddenly coming to the surface. Including the fact that she can’t resist this man and his sex appeal.

“She was his light in the darkness. Light he didn’t deserve, warmth he hadn’t earned.”

Vadim hasn’t had an easy life and he’s definitely not had the money to have a good life. He’s worked hard, fought for everything that he has, so obviously his focus is on being the best astronaut for Tate. Yes, Vadim has a dangerous look and he’s definitely rough around the edges, but he’s got such a beautiful soul. And I love that the contrasts are so evident from the minute you meet him. Vadim isn’t a bad boy just for the sake of being a bad boy, he’s got his reasons and he’s not awful and he’s not a bully. I love how Eve turned that character trait on its head and presents you with such an incredible character with so much depth.

We see their first meeting all the way in Falling Like Stars, but we don’t really get to see the inner workings of that first meeting. And seeing it all unfold from their perspectives is definitely an added bonus. Quinn is rattled by how much she’s drawn to Vadim and he’s cocky enough to know that he’s got Quinn’s attention. But what you can sense from the beginning is that Vadim is just as rattled, he’s better at hiding it. And this draw they have towards each other is definitely what sets the whole story in motion. 

“She just needed to remember that feelings weren’t part of the Vadim-plus-Quinn-equals-orgasm equation. She should tattoo it on her skin.”

And good god, their sexual relationship is explosive. I am a fan of well crafted sex scenes and I must tell you right now that Eve Kasey writes such incredible scenes. You’re a fly on the wall, you can also feel everything Quinn and Vadim are feeling. It’s just a lot. But it’s also freaking perfect. Quinn’s never had an orgasm and that’s Vadim’s mission. Their relationship is purely physical, because Vadim gets off on Quinn and he wants to help her find that elusive orgasm that is going to change her life. And the great part is that their relationship is all about her. Vadim gets his, but he puts Quinn first every single time. And that is so damn beautiful.

Seeing all their sides, watching Quinn grow into herself and seeing Vadim fall in love – these were all things that made this book so incredible. I didn’t think that Eve Kasey could take me on another emotional ride after Elle/Chen and Rosie/Tate, but she knocked this one out of the park. I think Quinn and Vadim might be my favourites and I’m not even going to pretend otherwise.

Thanks to Eve Kasey for generously providing me with an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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