Review: “Fighting Gravity” by Eve Kasey

Series: All In, #2

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Steam: 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Release Date: January 24th, 2021

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“You, me, and the stars.”

What do you do when your personal and professional life gets smashed to bits by a jerk named Chad? If you’re Rosie, you change your number, start your own architecture firm, and barely trust the ground you walk on. You certainly banish the spark you feel when you meet Tate, the too-handsome billionaire who’s just hired you to design a hotel.

Sure, his words are even prettier than his face. Yes, his touch brings Rosie to her knees. Of course, he’d take her on the best date of her life. But he’s an out-of-town billionaire. With secrets. Theirs is a situation designed for disaster.

Tate’s never looked for love. In his family, it’s love or legacy, never both. Tate prefers the legacy. In business he trusts. But that changes the moment Rosie walks into OrbitAll, Tate’s space tourism company. He knows fate when he feels it, and his fate is the redhead with stars in her eyes and scars on her heart.

When they’re together, Tate forgets all about the ‘legacy over love’ family motto hanging over his head, or that in the Geier empire, if you’re in love, you’re out. Rosie forgets that Tate is anything but the planet’s best kisser. He can’t be a threat to her patched-up heart; not with the way he makes her feel.

But when a new secret is revealed, love, legacy, and everything they’ve built come crashing to the ground.


“There’s a first, and last, time for everything. Rosie is my first and my last.”

Eve Kasey is made of magic. That is the only way I can describe how beautiful this book was. From start to finish, it was incredible in every way. The storytelling, the characters, the relationships and the entire world building that went into making this happen – it was all flawless. If you’ve read Falling Like Stars, then you’ve already met Rosie and Tate. Rosie is Elle’s best friend and Tate is Elle and Chen’s boss. Or he was, till they both went on to do other things with their lives, but stayed connected to OrbitAll in a way only they know how to do.

One of the great parts about this series is that even if you haven’t read them in order, you’re not going to feel lost. When writing a series, most authors will pick up the next book where the first one leaves off – so we finish one couples journey and then start the other – but that’s not how Eve Kasey does it. And strangely, I loved that she changed the game. All three books in the All In series are happening parallely, so you never feel like you’re missing out on anything and you don’t feel lost when you’re reading them out of order.

“She didn’t just see the man standing behind Elle; she experienced him.”

Now, onto my feels, which exploded with every passing minute of reading this book. Rosie and Tate are stunning as individual characters. He’s a hardworking businessman and billionaire, who also knows how to have a good time and has a big heart. Tate is also the handsomest man in the world and there’s no denying that even when Rosie is trying her best to ignore how much her body craves his. As for Rosie? She might just be one of my favourite female characters of all time. She’s beautiful, smart, funny, dedicated, compassionate and most all, she’s the best friend a girl could ever have. Rosie and Tate meet when Elle (from Falling Like Stars) introduces them so that Rosie can design and build a hotel for Tate. After all, the guests and lottery winners who get to ride the Stratos need a place to stay in the Mojave Desert, don’t they?

In Fighting Gravity, Eve blends in a workplace romance with a billionaire romance and ties it all together so well. Everything about Rosie and Tate’s relationship is stunning and while it’s clear that they’re destined for greatness together from the minute they meet, it definitely takes them a minute or two to actually get there. But that journey is half the fun in this book. Rosie’s got trust issues and Tate’s never been in a position like this before, so there’s a lot they have to overcome and process before letting each other into their lives.

“There was the way her body moved through the world before Tate, and there was after. Rosie knew which she preferred.”

One of my favourite things about their relationship is that Tate and Rosie are willing to go that extra mile together. Yes, she’s had trouble with trusting people before, but he wears her down slowly. Tate steps back when Rosie needs a moment to catch her breath, he steps back in when he knows that she’s ready for more. Their relationship was so beautifully crafted that you can see it’s love at first sight, first touch and more.

Let’s not even get started on the steam. *fans self* After experiencing the wonderful magic of Elle and Chen, I knew that Eve was going to give us another seriously hot book. Rosie and Tate have chemistry from the moment they meet, yes, but there’s chemistry and then there’s chemistry. Their kisses, their touches, their sweet whispers – it’s all so sensual. Prepare for your Kindle to catch fire, because it’s everything and so much more. 

As always, Eve delivered beautiful dialogue, witty banter and really incredible relationships that I adore. The men and women in the All In series will capture your heart and make you want more. And trust me when I say that you need to brace yourself for these books. Because once you start, you’re just going to binge them all. And I know this, because I read Fighting Gravity and Frequency of Attraction on a road trip and only paused to catch my breath between both books.

Thanks to Eve Kasey for generously providing me with an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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