Review: “The Start of Someday” by Jillian Liota

Series: Cedar Point, #2.5

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Steam: 🔥🔥🔥

Release Date: January 1st, 2021

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ABBY FULLER wants to have a little fun. Sure, she wants a relationship… someday. But for now, a little heat is exactly what the cold weather calls for. Breaking her own rules, she tumbles into bed with a handsome tourist passing through town…only to find him standing in her living room the following day.

JACKSON PAGE is only in town for business. He isn’t expecting a sexy little something with the woman who hits on him at the bar, and he definitely isn’t expecting her to be the younger sister of the friend he’s visiting. Clearly, nothing more can happen between them…no matter how good they are together.

But stolen moments and the magic of the holidays make it seemingly impossible for Abby and Jackson to ignore one very real truth: maybe their one night together could be the start of something more.

A steamy holiday novella set in the Cedar Point series.


“I feel like a magnet, and he’s my other half. I am powerless to want anything other than to be closer to him.”

If you’ve been following my blog long enough, then you know I’m a new Jillian Liota fan. But I am a big fan too. Right from the first Cedar Point book, I’ve been hooked onto her writing and her characters. And this novella delivers that and so much more. And so effortlessly too.

So, we all met Abby Fuller in The Opposite of Falling and we know all about her brother Rusty. Abby was a riot and as Briar’s best friend, we were treated to a whole lot of awesomeness. And now we get to experience her completely unfiltered. And oh boy, she’s just so much fun. After losing her parents at a young age, Abby’s been raised by her big brother Rusty. He’s protective and lovingly so, so obviously Abby’s not living a wild and reckless life. But she’s finally moving out of her brother’s house and in with Briar and her life is starting to make sense for her. Baby steps. And then she meets Jackson.

Oh my god, that first scene and everything that follows is hilarious and so so sexy. I love that Abby has no filter and just says what’s on her mind, because look at what she manages to snag in the process! And Jackson can keep up just as much, which only makes all of their flirting so great. So we go from talking about perfect ass to bounce a quarter off of to orgasms galore and every minute of it is brilliant.

“I’ll remember the one when I spent a few weeks in a tiny town in the mountains. I’ll think to myself, the best holiday I’ve ever had was the night I sat under the tree lights drinking hot chocolate with Abby Fuller.”

The Start of Someday is such a perfect novella set over the course of Christmas and into the New Year. We get to meet two incredibly compatible characters with wild sexual chemistry and other kinds of chemistry too and watch their relationship unfold. What I really loved about this novella was that there were no moments or confessions of love. Jackson and Abby like each other, but they don’t break down and have an epiphany and confess their undying love.

Another powerful part of this book was Abby speaking to her brother about the double standards placed on women and random hook-ups. Like everything else in her life, I’m glad that Abby didn’t filter her thoughts and feelings about the issue, because that’s what made it even more powerful.

“The world we live in is filled with women who want different things, Rusty. Some women want to wait until they’re married. Others want to fuck constantly and never get married. And then there are a million levels in between. Guess what is on none of those levels? Room for a man’s disapproval. You wanna have opinions about shit? Be my guest, but keep them to your own damn self. I’ll be over here, enjoying the choices I make, without consulting you.”

Jackson and Abby are perfect individually and together and I love how many feels this novella made me have. I cannot wait for more people to soak up the Cedar Point series, because the Mitchell family is kinda perfect. And so is the Fuller family, really.

Thanks to Jillian Liota and InkSlinger PR for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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