20 Favourites of 2020!

The year 2020 has been absolute and complete chaos. The term that everyone seems to use to describe this year is “dumpster fire” and it’s not too far from the truth. But, there was a thick silver lining to the mess that was the year – independent romance authors. For readers like me, 2020 delivered some of the most incredible books and introduced me to a whole heap of independent authors that I might not have always taken note of before.

Some of these authors have had books published before 2020, but I only discovered them this year. Some are new to the romance genre with big, epic debuts that you can’t miss. And some are authors who have released a few of my favourite books this year! After having read 300+ books, you can more or less trust that you need to read these right away!

Carrie Aarons. With five books out this year, Carrie totally knocked it out of the park! From college romances to summer love and a brand new sports series, I fell in love with Carrie’s books as I fell in love with her characters. 

Chloe Liese. Is there anybody in the world who doesn’t like Chloe’s books or the Bergman family? Because if they exist, I’d like to talk to them. While not my first book by Chloe, these two books totally made me fall in love with everything that is her wonderful and talented brain. Always Only You is also an #OwnVoices story that is crafted absolutely beautifully.

Devney Perry. I know she’s not a new author and she’s got a whole lot of amazing books to her name, but I really only discovered her this year and I am sold. Not only is she publishing books under Devney, she’s also publishing books under Willa Nash and setting up a whole new series based in Calamity, Montana. She is a beast and a talented one at that!

Eve Kasey. I must thank Lauren H. Mae for alerting me to Eve’s new series, because I absolute love and adore everything to do with space. And I got a chance to read the first in the series this month (it releases in January!) and I was blown away. She’s got two other books out already, but this new series might just become a big favourite!

Fiona West. I credit NetGalley with introducing me to Fiona West through the first book in her Timber Falls series. These stories are so powerful, beautiful and poignant. They stick with you for days after you’ve finished reading them. And all four in the series are out now for your enjoyment. Just take it from me, you won’t be able to stop once you get started.

Jasmin Miller. I’d read some of Jasmin’s books here and there before I discovered the Kings of the Water series (the first book released in July), and then I was hooked. Jasmin has a style very unique to her that makes the three books in the series absolute standouts. Plus, those covers. Delicious.

Jen Morris. Jen’s debut won me over instantly. I loved the characters, the romance, the drama and of course her love letter to the city of New York. This is definitely one of my favourite reads this year and one I can’t stop recommending to everyone who will listen.

Jenna Hartley. Jenna’s Love in LA series is so special and two of the books were published this year. They follow a group of girlfriends and their love lives, but it’s so much more than that. Jenna’s stories have so much heart and soul, it’s impossible to not love these characters.

Jillian Liota. I fell in love with Jillian’s books through the blurb of The Trouble with Wanting and now I am a fan for life. She’s got a great blacklist, but the Cedar Point series was launched this year and you know that I’m going to be hooked forever!

Julie Olivia. Romantic comedies are my jam and Julie Olivia delivered a smart, funny, heartfelt book in Thick as Thieves. When she approached me to read and review the book, I was just excited to meet another indie author, but she blew me out of the water with this magical masterpiece! Definitely digging into her backlist once my life slows down.

Kandi Steiner. The queen of angst published four books and one novella this year and all three made me happy as a clam. I’ve loved Kandi’s books for a while now, so to get five in the style that makes her stand out was a huge treat. I can’t wait for more people to discover Kandi and the wonderful worlds that she puts her heart and soul into. 

Kennedy L. Mitchell. Thanks to a friend, I was introduced to Kennedy and her Power Play series, which spans 5 glorious books and is filled with romance, suspense and American politics. These books are so brilliantly crafted with characters that are hot, smart and unstoppable. All five books are out now!

Kristen Granata. Another author that I was introduced to this year, Kristen totally won me over with her strong characters and her ability to beautifully capture mental health and it’s struggles. I’m only three books into her catalog, but guys, I can tell you right now that she is an author you do not want to miss!

Lauren H. Mae. Discovering Lauren’s books was total luck of the draw. Kindle recommended the first book in the Summer Nights series and now I’m here for the long haul. With exciting characters, witty writing and beautiful covers, you’re going to fall in love with Lauren’s books too!

Max Monroe. This writing duo are sensational. They have created the most incredible group of friends in the Billionaire series, but in 2020, they released FIVE books! And all five were spectacular with humour, heat and HEAs. They’ve become an auto-buy for me, no matter what or how stressed or busy I am in life.

Meghan Quinn. If you’re looking for great sports romance, don’t look any further than Meghan Quinn! While not a series, Quinn has a stack of baseball centric romances featuring men in towels on the cover. And if that’s not enough reason to read them, then let me tell you that these books are some of the best I’ve read!

Melissa Grace. What a stunning read this was! Home is Where You Are is Melissa’s debut and it’s such a warm, fuzzy read. You know that feeling you get when you’re tucked inside a warm, cosy blanket? That’s exactly how her debut will make you feel. And, Melissa is the kindest, sweetest human on the planet.

Piper Rayne. The Rooftop Crew series is what introduced me to this fantastic duo and I have to say, they created the most epic friends circle and such brilliant characters, that it was hard not to love their books. And they’ve got a bit 2021 coming around, so prepare yourselves for lots and lots of magic.

Sarah Adams. I thank KU for introducing me to Sarah Adams and her It Happened in Charleston series, because these books are so good. Full of hilarious banter, unique characters and romance that is perfect to warm your heart. Two books were released this year and hopefully more to come!

Teagan Hunter. First introduced through the Texting series and then the Slice series, Teagan’s launched a new series this year with two books out already. The Roommate Romps books are filled with the epic humour that Teagan is known for, amazing characters and brilliant friendships; but also just a whole lot of steam that I can’t get enough of.

In the comments, let me know if you read any of these authors and their gorgeous books. And stick around, I’ll do more round ups like these over the course of 2021!

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