Review: “Second Dive” by Jasmin Miller

Author: Jasmin Miller

Series: Kings of the Water, #3

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  | Steam: 🔥🔥🔥

Tropes: Second Chance Romance, Sports Romance

Trigger/Content Warnings: Health complications, mentions of miscarriage

Release Date: December 10th, 2020

Goodreads | (Available on KU)

Synopsis: Noah Winters was my heart’s desire, the boy I loved desperately and had hoped to spend my future with. Until our plans were derailed and life took us in completely different directions.

When our fate changed, and our paths crossed again, nothing prepared me for the punch straight to the heart when I saw him . . . or his anger and bitterness.

He was no longer the boy I once knew, but an accomplished Olympic swimmer with life goals that no longer aligned with mine.

All because I lied.

But sometimes, hiding the truth was necessary, especially when it freed someone you loved to reach their aspirations and dreams.

It’s said that time heals all wounds, but what I found was that it can also create an enemy.

That meant I had a choice.

Apologize to Noah, and possibly let him into my heart again . . . or allow him to live his life without knowing why I walked away. Without knowing that I never actually wanted to leave.

Review: If you’ve read the rest of the books in the series, you know that you’re in for a treat with Noah Winters. What you don’t expect is just how much of an emotional rollercoaster this book is going to take you on. I’ve been waiting for Noah’s book since we met Ryan and Harper, but I didn’t see this coming. Noah is officially my favourite of the quartet and his story is just so spectacular. I mean, I was obsessed with Jace and Millie, but Noah and Chloe. Oof, brace yourselves.

Ten years ago, Chloe Williams and Noah Winters were in love. Deeply, hopelessly, crazily in love. And then Chloe went away because she was sick and sent him a message ending things. Noah’s held onto that anger of that heartbreak because it shook him to his core. He never thought he’d lose Chloe that way. But Chloe had her reasons – she really was sick. And she made the painful choice for both of them to not drag Noah into her pain so he could have a great career. And that worked out for him, even with a broken heart.

“When I imagine my future, all I can see is you. It’s always been you, little bird. Always.”

Fast forward to ten years later. The Kings of the Water are being auctioned off for charity and the woman that bids on Noah and wins an evening with him happens to be Chloe. The very same woman he hasn’t seen in over ten years. And it’s safe to say their reunion doesn’t go as planned. Noah’s angry, Chloe’s in pain and it’s all kinds of angsty. And even when Noah is being awful or rude, he’s still wanting to be with Chloe and she’s still wanting to wrap herself around Noah. Because how can you just get over and forget your one true love, right?

Despite wanting to avoid Chloe, Noah keeps running into her. It’s like fate has other plans and keeps tossing them together in the most unlikeliest of ways. I love how every single time he realises that he has to interact with Chloe, Noah wants to curse the universe and thank it at the same time. The love is still there, but it’s just hard to accept it when you want to ignore it and move on. Every little interaction with them, where other characters are also part of it is truly the best. To hear them express what is going on instead of imagining it might be my favourite thing ever.

“My body loves him, heating up in all the right places and I’m not sure how to feel about that. Of course, he’s hot, but it’s the history we share that burns the brightest.”

But when you’ve got that much sexual tension, chemistry and history, it’s impossible to ignore all the things that you want. And man oh man, when Noah and Chloe finally push aside their issues and differences, things get so hot and steamy. It’s explosive, sure, but it’s so much more. Their history and their undying love for each other makes it so powerful. Every single time they’re together, it’s like staring into the sun, that’s how unbelievable it is.

Chloe and Noah have so much pain between them – from betrayals, to lies to secrets to truths – and to watch them navigate it is truly beautiful. You can see how the more time he spends with Chloe, the more he unclenches and relaxes and to have Noah come undone like that is absolutely great. He’s always been the broodiest of the Kings, so this is a great way to see him now. Seriously, the character growth is incredible and then there’s the relationship between Chloe and Noah that will just do you in. It’s truly something special.

“I owe him kisses that pierce my soul and leave a permanent mark. Right next to all the other ones he’s left there before.”

Jasmin went all out with the feels in Second Dive, so prepare yourself for some tears, some heartache and a whole lot of gushing. The details, the information, the world and character building have always been one of my favourite things about this series, so we get more of that here and it’s spectacular. If like me you have loved Harper/Ryan and Millie/Jace, you are going to absolutely and without a doubt love Chloe/Noah. They are my favourites and I want them to be yours too.

Thanks to Jasmin Miller and Give Me Books Promotions for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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