Review: “Home” by Jenny Bunting

Author: Jenny Bunting

Series: Here in Lillyvale, #3

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐💫  | Steam: 🔥🔥🔥

Tropes: Friends to Lovers, Second Chance Romance, Small Town Romance

Trigger/Content Warnings: Mention of miscarriages

Release Date: December 4th, 2020

Goodreads | (Available on KU)

Synopsis: When your boyfriend tries to fight your grandpa and loses, you definitely question your taste in men.

Addison is reluctantly getting back in the dating world, with the help of a new matchmaking service. Dating is impossible when your childhood friend moves in for a couple of months, you’ve had a crush on him forever, and he’s finally single.

Kirk is back in Lillyvale, a town he hates, since his feisty and feud-starting grandma is ailing. He thought living with Addison for a short time would be easy, but, it’s anything but. Sexual tension was a lot easier to deny over the phone or on quick trips home.

Kirk and Addison consider home to be on opposite coasts, and their one shot at a love affair might be over before it starts.

Review: We’re back in Lillyvale, guys! I’m very late to the Lillyvale love, but let me tell you now that being late does not diminish my love for these characters or their stories. So I absolutely loved Zoey and Jonathan and their chance at a second shot at being together. And when we first met Addison in that story, I was completely obsessed with her. Then I saw that Jenny was putting out Addison’s book next and I skipped right past Hustle and straight into Home. Don’t worry, I’m going to read Taylor and Malcolm’s book, because I loved Taylor so much too!

I want to start off by saying that I am absolutely and completely and totally and irrevocably in love with everything that is Addison Varick. In Here, when we first meet her, she is perfection. And then to have an entire book dedicated to her? I was sold. Addison is nothing like Zoey or Taylor or Caroline or Makenna – she’s her own breed of special. A vegan and a cat lover and a teacher, Addison is pure and precious. I will soon run out of words to describe her, but she is so great. Addison is the kind of friend I want getting me out of my ruts, supporting me and always being there for me.

And then there’s Kirk, who is such a unique character. His awkwardness and shyness and his dislike for Lillyvale take over the character, but he’s also such a good guy. Effortlessly good looking, charming and everything that Addison needs to move on with her life. So often, awkwardness isn’t developed properly, making you groan every time the character does or says something. But Kirk’s awkwardness is so endearing. Seeing him interact with Addison is one thing, but seeing him with his family and then Grandma Lola is a whole other experience. It’s like three different Kirks and that is so incredible to read.

“Addison was the catalyst for everything good that had happened in his life.”

Addison and Kirk are lifelong friends with a common love for books, so much so that with Addison in Lillyvale and Kirk in New York, they set up a Skype book club to catch up on reading. That’s the kind of friends I want! When Kirk decides to visit the town he has no love for because his grandmother requested his presence, Addison offers up her spare room for him to stay. What neither of them expects is for all their unrequited feelings to suddenly bubble to the surface. Their last meeting almost ended with a kiss, but it didn’t. Addison’s been single since Derek challenged her grandfather to arm wrestle (See: Here, the first in the series for more) and Kirk’s been dumped by his Broadway superstar girlfriend after almost 10 years together. So being single and attracted to each other and harbouring a lifelong crush mean nothing in comparison. Right?

Wrong! The sexual tension from the minute they’re together is explosive. Brace yourself for the slowest of burns, because it takes them a good long time to cross that line. But, it is so worth it. Kirk and Addison have all this incredible chemistry and history that digging into every little bit and taking their time to get there is so great. It really gives you a chance to embrace their friendship and to me, that’s such an important part of any relationship. Kirk is an absolute romantic, with big plans for their first time and their relationship in general. Even if Addison wants something else. So, I’ve got three words for you: kitchen counter sex.

“Her body hummed with electricity, the voltage on high. They kissed for every near miss, every almost moment.”

This won’t come as much of a surprise, but Dan Price and Grandma Lola totally steal the show. Dan was hilarious in Here and the best kind of supporting character ever made. But in Home, he’s a whole other level of hilarious. He’s on a mission to set Addison up on these random dates to help her find someone, but every date is a bust. Then he tries to set Kirk up, which also fails miserably. He’s got a plan, though, but the journey till there is just so hilarious. Dan is a character. I ship him with Makenna so hard and I really really hope they get their own story, because that relationship has potential! Also, Grandma Lola is a firecracker and truly the best part about Kirk’s family.

The girls are back! Addison has the best support system in the girls you’ve met through the course of the books and they are so great. Zoey’s getting married, Caroline’s celebrating something, Taylor’s being Taylor and Makenna is truly awesome. They’re always there for each other and that’s the best part about having a group of girlfriends, right?

Jenny Bunting will make you feel all the things for Addison and Kirk and Home is a great standalone in the Lillyvale series. If you like friends to lovers with a dash of everything else that is awesome, this is where you need to be.

Thanks to Jenny Bunting for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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