Review: “The Do-Over” by Piper Rayne

Author: Piper Rayne

Series: The Rooftop Crew, #5

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  | Steam: 🔥🔥🔥

Tropes: Second Chance Romance, Man in Uniform, Slow Burn

Release Date: December 1st, 2020

Goodreads |

Synopsis: She was always the one.
Or so I thought.
Turns out my instincts were dead wrong.

Years ago I was faced with the choice between two women. Both were perfect in opposite ways. One was carefree and against commitment. The other was a woman you’d bring home to mom.

I was young, naïve and stupid. I’m sure you can guess who I chose.

Now, I’m older, wiser and know what the hell I want.

So, when the same two women pop back into my life it’s my chance for a do-over. But they flipped the script. Just like me, they want different things now. Leaving me with one choice—convince the woman I want that she wants me too.

Review: I have been waiting for Knox’s book since the first time he appears with the Rooftop Crew! He’s always been this broody, charming, secretive alpha male who we know nothing about. Well, nothing but the fact that he and his on-off again girlfriend go at it like bunnies all the time. Not knowing much about him beyond his job, his brooding good looks and his penchant for sex in public, I figured he’s going to be an interesting character to follow in a book. And I wasn’t wrong!

The blurb really does set you up for a little bit of confusion, because we’ve all met Leilani through the eyes of the other characters, but surprise, she’s not the love interest! She exists in this book because of their history, but the woman who snags Knox Whelan’s attention? Someone completely different. Meet Kamea, feisty, funny, smart and truly the best choice for Knox in every way. The only problem? She’s Leilani’s friend.

“I should’ve taken you home that night. You’re the one who fits me.”

The Do-Over starts off with a trip to the past where Knox first meets Leilani, but also where he first meets Kamea. Honestly, that first glimpse tells you everything about the waitress that gets his attention. But a young Knox makes an impulsive decision that changes the course of his life forever. Fast forward to the present and their reunion is anything but smooth. Truly, it’s awkward and it makes you cringe a little, but I love how neither of them shy away from that at first.

While I love Knox, as you could tell from earlier, I think I love Kamea more. She’s so interesting and while there’s not a lot shared about her, I feel like what we got set her up really well. For one, she’s a great friend to a person who doesn’t deserve her. She’s vegetarian and designs these t-shirts with punny lines about being vegetarian. And she’s driven. Kamea isn’t going to let anything stop her, even a terrible friend or getting kicked out of her apartment or having a steady job. She will do what it takes to make it in the world. She’s got one mission and nothing will stop her from making that happen.

“I talk a good game, but even I know that if he tried, Knox could win me over faster than he can slap a set of cuffs on a suspect. And that scares the crap out of me.”

After meeting Jax in Dylan/Rian’s book, I have been so stoked for more of him and now we’re getting his and Frankie’s book in January! But more important, Jax was brilliant in this. As always, he adds a little something to every book he’s in and he’s absolutely hilarious. Then there are the girls – Blanca, Sierra, Rian and Evan are spectacular. They look like they could be the mean girls you went to school with or the kind of girls that don’t like other girls, but when they welcome Kamea into their lives, it’s so beautiful to watch. I love just how great this group of friends are!

For all his faults and screw ups, Knox is such a gentleman. Sure, too much of a gentleman when it comes to giving Kamea what they both want. I love that he was trying to resist her, but clearly it was never going to work. Their slow burn is so frustrating! I mean, all slow burns are that way, but this one was right there at the tip of your fingers and poof, just gone. But once they take that leap, it is fantastic! I love their relationship and their chemistry and more than once I wanted to clobber Knox over the head because he was being stupid. But men, what can you do, right?

“I promise you, we’ll have a story for the books.”

“I think we already do.”

As in all Piper Rayne’s Rooftop Crew books, you get hijinks, great friends, beautiful family dynamics and romance that makes you smile and spend all night reading the book so you can finish it one go. And I honestly cannot wait for Jax and Frankie, because I can feel just how good they’re going to be!

Thanks to Piper Rayne and Wildfire Marketing Solutions for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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