Review: “I Just Need You” by J. Nathan

Book Title: I Just Need You

Author: J. Nathan 

Rating: 4.5⭐

Release Date: October 25th, 2020

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Synopsis: Kresley Hastings is the daughter of a billionaire, which makes her a target for men trying to extort her family. And after a disastrous time in Paris, she’s back in California, trying to have something close to normal with a new school. Except, her protection unit has doubled and she’s now got Tristan Stone’s eyes on her and it’s more than she thought she wanted. Even if he keeps pushing her away and fighting his own attraction.

Review: You know what I love and don’t get enough of? Bodyguard romances. There’s just something about this trope that I love! Sure, I blame Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner, but also because it can be so juicy. All that forbidden drama and the sexual tension. And J. Nathan does a damn good job of making you feel all those things with I Just Need You. I really enjoyed this book and lost track of time because of how engrossed I was in the book.

“I don’t think a bad decision has ever felt so right.”

Kresley is just trying to live a normal life and not get caught up in the drama that is her life. But obviously being the daughter of a billionaire makes it hard for her to keep a low profile and live a simple life. So she’s got bodyguards. And after a really bad incident in Paris, she’s back Stateside, trying to fit into the word, one step at a time. But obviously it’s not as easy as she’d like for it to be. And with Marco and Tristan always hanging around, it’s definitely a little harder than she’d like.

Especially since she’s drawn to Tristan and he’s got these damn rules about letting himself get too close or feel anything for anyone. Damn him and his good looks! Tristan is a bit of an asshole to begin with, constantly pushing Kresley’s buttons and just being rude for the sake of it all. You know that he’s doing it to hide the fact that he’s drawn to her and wants to be with her, but it’s also frustrating when guys do that. We don’t want men to be assholes because they can’t control themselves. Just be calm and cool and we’ll get the hint.

“Keep looking at me like that.”

“Like how?”

“Like you see me.”

“I do see you, Tristan. And I love what I see.”

But the chemistry is palpable and even Kresley’s new friends can sense it, which always leads to hilarious conversations between the three girls. I loved Marco. He’s all gruff and soft. While he doesn’t let his guard down much, you know that he’s a soft teddy bear. Tristan is actually a really interesting character when he’s not being unnecessarily gruff and rude to Kresley. He’s gone through so much in his life and he’s come out on top and that’s what makes him good at this job.

J. Nathan takes you on a roller coaster of feelings and emotions as Kresley and Tristan try to navigate what they want and what they’re feeling. You can sense just how desperately they want each other, but you also know that neither of them want to make the first move. But it’s so nicely stitched together that the build up is totally worth it. I loved the side of Tristan that Kresley brings out, because even though he can be rude, there’s this soft side to him that is so warm and cuddly. I mean, the stuff he does for her is still so special. The slow burn was so delicious, I almost thought they’d never take that leap. Gah, it was perfect though.

Thanks to J. Nathan and Grey’s Promotions for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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