Review: “Resisting The Billionaire” by Allie Winters

Book Title: Resisting The Billionaire

Author: Allie Winters

Series: Bishop Brothers, Book 1

Rating: 5⭐

Release Date: October 22nd, 2020

Goodreads | (Available on KU)

Synopsis: Gabriel Bishop is about to be disowned and the only way his father will let him keep his life of luxury is if he marries the daughter of a media mogul. Because the marriage will bring the two companies together. And for Mackenzie Sweet, planning this wedding should be a breeze. Except, meeting Gabriel changes all of that. What do you do when the person you love is someone you can’t have anything to do with?

Review: I absolutely loved this book, Gabriel and Mackenzie. I went into it thinking it was going to be an asshole billionaire wanting what he can’t have, and I got so much more! I love when books and characters surprise me when I least expect it, those are the kinds of books that win me over right till the end. And this one did just that. Allie Winters has created a brilliant set of characters and a relationship that is so real and perfect that I can’t wait for everyone else to read this book!

Like all billionaires, Gabriel comes from money. His father runs a prestigious company in the city and his two brothers are just as fantastic in their own rights. Gabriel is the middle son and he’s a bit of a playboy and he does nothing. All of the money he has wasn’t earned by him, it was handed over because he’s a Bishop. So when his father insists that he must marry a woman to seal a business deal, Gabriel knows that it’s the only way to keep the lifestyle he’s got going on. And then he meets the wedding planner and everything he’s trying to achieve goes out the window. Because Mackenzie is a really incredible character and she’s charming and she works hard to make something of herself. And through Gabriel’s eyes, you fall even more in love with Mackenzie.

“I know next to nothing about him. Except one thing that’s becoming increasingly clear is that my initial impression of him is wrong. The spoiled playboy I assumed he was isn’t quite meshing with this man who doesn’t want anyone to hear about the charity work he does.”

Their relationship is complicated, at best. Because Gabriel is set to marry another woman and he’s told Mackenzie all the dirty truths about this deal. And his wife-to-be is so uninterested in this wedding, because she doesn’t want him, so Gabriel and Mackenzie end up doing all the wedding planning alone. And obviously sparks fly and things start happening whether they like it or not. And the slow burn of their relationship is so delicious. There’s flirting and accidental touching and then seriously hot kissing and a whole lot of sexual tension. I know that to some Gabriel’s cheating on his wife-to-be, but given that it’s fake and not real at any level, I think we can all admit that there is no cheating in this book.

Allie Winters has given Gabriel such a complex personality. He’s a billionaire, he’s got everything he needs and wants, but he’s the ignored son. He’s the one who nobody notices or remembers and he’s definitely not the one his father has entrusted with the business. So while Gabriel could be an absolute asshole, all the pain in his upbringing makes him a really good guy. He’s helpful, generous and kind and even when people don’t expect that from him, he’s there to provide an arm, leg and then some. And Gabriel definitely hates the spotlight.

“A possessive sense of fulfillment runs through me at her obvious pleasure, more than I’ve ever experienced. With Mackenzie, everything is deeper, sharper.”

Seriously though, that slow burn was so delicious, I was itching to get to the moment when things would all just fit together. I did read this book in one sitting, because once I got started, it was impossible to put the book down. Gabriel and Mackenzie, their banter and their chemistry hook you right from the start. There is no way that you can walk away from this without a big smile on your face. Honestly, except for Gabriel’s father, the characters in this book were all so great. I wish we got to see more of Serena, but clearly there’s another book coming and we’re going to get all of that and more. 

I have to give special mention to how Allie keeps you on the edge of your seat. Just when you think Gabriel and Mackenzie have figured everything out, she throws you the most epic curveball that you find yourself gasping at the events that are happening! Such a brilliant story and so well crafted, I still can’t believe how everything turned out! 

Thanks to Allie Winters for an ARC in exchange for an honest review!

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