Review: “Forget About Me” by Karen Grey

Book Title: Forget About Me

Author: Karen Grey

Series: Boston Classics, Book 2

Rating: 5⭐

Release Date: October 22nd, 2020

Goodreads | (Available on KU)

Synopsis: Ben Porter and Lucy Minola have history. And they haven’t seen each other in almost seven years, so all that history is a little fraught. Now that they’re back in each other’s lives, for better or worse, they need to figure out how to navigate everything. And it’s a lot more complicated than they both thought possible.

Review: What drew me to the Boston Classics series is that the books are set in the 1980s. And as an 80’s baby, I was really excited about this. So these books are set at a time when I was 4-5 years old, and in Boston, which is a place I didn’t even know existed at the time. But that doesn’t take away from just how awesome these books are. I absolutely loved Kate and Will’s story (from What I’m Looking For) and when we first met in the book, I didn’t realise that he was going to get a chance to tell us his story. But I’m glad he did, because I love Ben so much. More than Will, if that’s even possible!

While the second in the series, Forget About Me can be read as a standalone. It’s good to have the base for some of the other characters mentioned and the world that Ben is involved in to an extent, but it works without all of that too.

“There’s only Lucy, me and the love I’ve never been able to forget.”

Ben is a model and an actor and he’s been away from Boston for about seven years. He’s made a name for himself as a Callum Keen (you know who we’re really talking about here) underwear model and he’s working towards making movies, when he comes back home to care for his ailing father. Ben then signs up for Shakespeare Boston to play Romeo and the acting bug has bitten for real. And he’s damn good at it too! And then one morning, an injured dog shows up on his doorstep and Ben takes him to the vet. And runs into his old flame – Lucy.

Through very detailed flashbacks, we get to see the beginning of Lucy and Ben’s relationship. While I’m always wary about books that take you back into the past too many times, I actually enjoyed these flashbacks. They give you a good grasp on the history the two leads share and you get an understanding of why the sexual tension between them is so intense from the minute they cross paths in the present day.

“It’s not even about how he looks. Yeah, the muscles are nice. But for me, it’s how my body responds to him. It’s like he’s imprinted on me, and only his touch, his scent, the way he moves inside me⁠⁠.”

Like What I’m Looking For, Ben and Lucy’s story has one connecting factor throughout – mixtapes. And at the beginning of every chapter, there’s a classic hit from one of the mixtapes that Lucy made for Ben through the course of their relationship. It adds a little something more to the reading experience. I would definitely recommend turning up your classic rock playlist as you soak up this book, it would only make the experience that much more perfect.

All that aside, Ben and Lucy are great characters. They both have big hopes and dreams and they want to achieve great things in their respective lives, but they’re also so family oriented and also clearly still very much in love with each other. There’s a lot of banter and humor in this and to see the two lovebirds go back and forth is something quite special. Add to the fact that they were once like this before everything went wrong and you love it even more. There’s obviously a certain level of angst, because of their shared history and Ben’s surprise exit from Lucy’s life, but it’s all so well orchestrated that you don’t get too caught up in that. It all seamlessly fits together and brings these two incredible characters into a world where they have each other, forever and always.

This slow burn, second chance, brother’s best friend romance was perfect. It featured dogs, an entertaining and amazing host of supporting characters and two fantastic leads. Plus, it’s set in the 80s, which apparently classifies it as historical fiction, but I’m not that old, so I reject that.

Thanks to Karen Grey and Social Butterfly PR for an ARC in exchange for an honest review!

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