Review: “Secret Puck” by Rebecca Jenshak

Book Title: Secret Puck

Author: Rebecca Jenshak

Series: Campus Nights, Book 1

Rating: 4.5⭐

Release Date: October 19th, 2020

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Synopsis: Ginny Scott’s a freshman at Valley, where her brother is the captain of the hockey team, and she’s just recovering from a broken heart, so she’s swearing off men and relationships. Except, Heath Payne didn’t get that memo. Also on the hockey team, Heath is charming and sexy and funny and gets under Ginny’s skin, but when you decide to sneak around behind your brother’s back, things are bound to get messy whether you like it or not.

Review: This is my second Rebecca Jenshak book and I loved The Assist so much, I knew I would enjoy this one. And I most certainly did! I’m such a sucker for sports romances and while there’s a lot of hockey romances going around, this one was pretty awesome. One thing that I’ve noticed with Jenshak’s books (the two I’ve read) is that there’s always this epic group of friends who support each other through everything and I find that that’s always so great. And it’s not just girlfriends who support each other, but the guys are there for each other and for the girls too. And with Secret Puck, there’s such a brilliant group of friends that every group scene is so good and so amazing to read.

“I’m sort of swooning now and all he did was say my name. And I’m also staring at him when I’m supposed to be saying something.”

But the book isn’t just about them, it’s about Ginny and Heath. Who are so damn precious. Heath is the perfect blend of every male character you have ever loved. He’s charming, funny, sexy, hella talented, but he’s also a good guy. Yes, he has a reputation of sleeping around, but he’s not a manwhore and he’s definitely not an asshole. Heath likes women and he likes sex and he doesn’t hide that. Ginny, on the other hand, is a little more innocent. She’s always used to being Adam Scott’s little sister and even at Valley, that’s who she is. But she’s a toughie, no matter what. She’s beautiful, smart and she’s not going to sit back and take bullshit from anyone. Plus, she’s just so damn nice. I mean, she offers to help one of the players with Shakespeare simply because he’s struggling, not because she’s awesome at it. She just wants to help!

“Cuddle orgasms. I don’t think that’s a thing.”

“There’s nothing cuddly about you. Even your cuddles feel like foreplay.”

Heath and Ginny have such a fantastic friendship that turns into so much more. The chemistry there is sizzling and even though it takes them a while to really take the leap, that wait is so worth it. Every kiss, every tease and touch just felt so good! The slow burn is just so brilliant too, because even though they give themselves to each other in every other way, they take their time with sex. There’s some angst, some unresolved issues with their families and a little bit of drama here and there. But none of it is crippling that complicates things for them too much. 

“There’s no single part of her that I like better than the rest. I like it all and I show her so with a dedication to touching and kissing every inch.”

Ginny’s friendship with Dakota and Reagan was perfect and I loved just how easily they fell into this friendship triangle. I’m so used to seeing mean girls in these kinds of sports romances, but there was none of that here. Everyone just got along and it felt good. Sure, the drama and the jealousy can sometimes make for interesting storytelling, but I also feel like you can find conflict that does not include someone else stepping into the picture. And with Ginny being so kind and good, it felt good to not have someone taking advantage of her just to spite her. I loved the boys so much! I am so looking forward to Adam’s book and I hope we get some of Maverick and lots of Rhett, because there are most definitely stories to tell there!

I am officially sold on Rebecca Jenshak and I will now go finish the rest of her Smart Jocks series before the next book in this series!

Thanks to Rebecca Jenshak and Wildfire Marketing Solutions for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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