Review: “Single Dad Seeks Juliet” by Max Monroe

Book Title: Single Dad Seeks Juliet

Author: Max Monroe

Rating: 5⭐

Release Date: October 13th, 2020

Goodreads | (Available on KU)

Synopsis: Jake Brent is the ultimate bachelor and life with his daughter is just fine for him. But Chloe, his daughter, believes that her father needs someone in his life, especially when she goes off to college. So she signs him up as a Bachelor for the local paper and when Holley Fields meets Jake to prepare him for his role as the Bachelor, things start to get really interesting. For both of them.

Review: In true Max Monroe fashion, Single Dad Seeks Juliet delivers the perfect combination of romance, humour, sexiness and family dynamics. I laughed so hard through this whole book and finished it in one and a half sittings (the half is for me staying up all night to finish it after a rough day of work). This is the kind of book that makes you smile from the moment you start all the way till you’re done. It’s such a fun and charming book, especially when you meet Jake Brent.

“She’s something. Awkward. Kind of a mess. But really, that’s just camouflage. After ten minutes on the beach with her, it’s more than obvious she’s both funny and beautiful.”

I love love LOVE Holley Fields. She’s awkward, she’s funny, she’s beautiful and she’s so unaware of the effect she has on people. To Holley, she blends into the background when the truth is she stands out in every setting. I mean, she’s the kind of woman who trips over her own feet! She’s so quirky and hilarious that I could relate to in so many ways. One of the things I love about Max Monroe’s heroines is that they’re all so different and interesting, but more than that, their inner monologues are so hilarious. I sometimes wonder if my inner monologues also work that way, because it’s so relatable!

“There’s, like, some kind of biological trigger or something. My ovaries have fired up the power bank and are ready to start pumping out some product, I’ll tell you that. Little fucking baby factories.”

If I could, I would write a book about Jake Brent. But oh wait, Max Monroe already did that! Jake is the perfect guy, not even going to lie. Let me make you a list: he’s a former Navy SEAL, he’s got tattoos covering one entire arm, he’s got beautiful eyes and a stunning smile, he’s raised his daughter completely on his own, he stays fit and enjoys the little things in life, HE’S AN AMAZING DAD and he’s a great guy. You’d expect someone who looks like Jake to be the opposite of what he is, but Jake is just so damn good it’s difficult to not love him.

Holley and Jake have the most entertaining and hilarious meet-cute ever. She thinks he’s drowning and then starts drowning herself and has to be rescued by the man she went to save. It’s a whole thing. Things just get even more entertaining from there. I mean, anybody in Holley’s position, having to stare at Jake all the time would be dumbfounded like she is. And the more time they spend together, the more difficult it becomes for both of them to stop feeling the way they do. But they’re not dating, they’re spending time together so Holley can get a read on Jake and help him plan his dates, plus also join him on these ridiculous dates so she can chronicle it for the newspaper. And every single meeting and time together is just so amusing. Holley is a walking disaster and Jake is the perfect gentleman, which just makes them an even better match. 

“There are a million and one tiny fragments that make up the complex reason I do anything I do when it comes to Holley, and yet, I can’t put concrete words of validation to any of them. They’re locked up, trapped in the feelings I’ve yet to figure out how to emote.”

Their entire relationship is just so precious. They’re attracted to each other, but they’re not rushing into doing anything about it. Jake’s made a promise and Holley has a job, so instead of acting on what they both want, they just continue to have fun together. The sexual tension is ridiculous, but neither of them are going to do anything about it just yet. They know what’s at stake. But ugh, whenever Holley is around Jake and Chloe, my heart would soar. It’s such a different relationship from what characters in most Max Monroe books have and that made me love it even more!

I can’t wait to experience more of this new Max Monroe universe and see more of Jake and Holley, because they brought into my life just what I needed during this horrible time in the world!

Thanks to Max Monroe and Social Butterfly PR for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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