Review: “Muses & Melodies” by Rebecca Yarros

Book Title: Muses & Melodies

Author: Rebecca Yarros 

Series: Hush Note, Book 3

Rating: 5⭐

Release Date: October 6th, 2020

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Synopsis: Lead guitarist of Hush Note, Nixon Winters is having a rough go of it. He’s finally checked himself into rehab to get better not just for himself, but for his band and his friends. And now that he’s out, everyone is waiting for him to slip. Which is why he has a little help in the form of Zoe Shannon. What they both don’t realise is that they need each other more than they’re willing to admit and what happens when you substitute one addiction for another?

Review: Like Rifts & Refrains (the second book in the series by Devney Perry), Rebecca Yarros’ contribution to the Hush Note series is absolute perfection. There’s a fine line to walk when it’s a rockstar romance and Yarros totally nails that. At the heart of it, it’s a book about second chances and fixing the mess that is your life. Nixon and Zoe have such an incredible relationship and the build-up and the slow burn is so damn beautiful, my emotions were all over the place.

This angsty rockstar romance is exactly the best way to kick off a new month. Nixon Winters is the lead guitarist and fan favourite of Hush Note. He’s gorgeous, covered in tattoos and makes beautiful music. Of course, he’s loved by women everywhere! Nixon’s trouble with substances and alcohol has finally hit a wall and after a stint in rehab where he gets completely clean, he’s back in the real world. Where Jonas and Quinn are trying not to be annoyingly overbearing, but not succeeding. Which is where their manager’s assistant comes in.

Zoe Shannon is not immune to Nixon’s good looks or charm, but she’s good at compartmentalising. He’s an asshole and she’s not the least bit bothered what he thinks of her. Zoe has a job and she’s going to do it, including going everywhere Nixon goes and making sure that he doesn’t come in contact with alcohol, drugs or naked women. It’s not the most glamourous job, but this is just a stepping stone to managing her own band.

“I wanted him, and not just physically. I wanted the complicated man under all that ink, the one who bid on my mother’s cake and admitted he had nightmares. The one who battled his demons every day and still had the guts to walk right into their lair when it was time to show up for his friends and perform. The one who trusted me, defended me, and pushed my neat little boundaries. If I had a shot with that man, I’d risk more than my reputation—I’d put my heart on the line. No regrets. No safety net. No guarantee.”

Nixon might just be my favourite member of Hush Note. He’s been through hell and back his whole life and Nixon is just trying to hold it all together. The way he’s written to show you just how damaged this incredible man can be is heartwrenching. The whole time I was reading this book, the only thing I wanted to do was hug Nixon. His struggles and his uphill battle is so damn agonising, but also so damn beautiful. To be able to write a character like that and make the reader feel so connected to him is something I absolutely love about what Rebecca Yarros has done with this book. And then there’s his relationship with Zoe. He wants her and has for as long as he’s known her. But Nixon isn’t in the frame of mind to give Zoe what she wants and what she deserves. That isn’t going to stop him from wanting her though.

Gah, the slow burn was just so intense. Every flirtatious move, every touch and look just set the pages on fire. I loved that even though they wanted each other, it was a fight to get there. One of my favourite things about Muses & Melodies was how the characters grow. They start out frustrated and irritated with each other, but then they slowly start to see the other person clearly and then there’s a moment of almost lapsed judgement before they’re back on normal ground. And then bam, everything makes sense. None of it feels forced, it’s just the most natural progression of any relationship.

“She was as constant as the North Star, and I was fickle on my best days. She was my better in every single way.”

Every minute of this book was so incredible. The angst, the struggles, the friendships and relationships – it was all just so amazing to read. I loved the scenes where Nixon and Zoe are just talking and not doing anything else, also the scenes where Nixon is with Jonas and/or Quinn; you see a completely different side of him with his bandmates. And while that should be concerning, it’s just who he’s always been. But when the angst kicks in, you will feel it in your soul. Nixon and Zoe’s relationship is beautiful and watching them fall apart is really hard.

I feel like I made a good choice with my first ever Rebecca Yarros book because this one hit all the sweet spots. It had the angst and it had two fantastic leads. The writing was sublime. The attention to details and the way the story just fits together, that did it for me. Muses & Melodies is an emotionally charged, fantastic end to the Hush Note series.

Thanks to Rebecca Yarros and Candi Kane PR for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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