Review: “Power Term” by Kennedy L. Mitchell

Book Title: Power Term

Author: Kennedy L. Mitchell

Series: Power Play, Book 5

Rating: 5⭐

Release Date: September 21st, 2020

Goodreads | (Available on KU)

Synopsis: The final book in the Power Play series picks up where the fourth book left off. An explosion has halted Randi’s entourage on her way back from Trey’s apartment and chaos is about to ensue. The damage is drastic and she’s taken hostage by a man so sickeningly cruel that you hope like hell Trey finds her in one piece. And what of Agent Benson? He’s on a warpath and nothing and nobody can stop him. Brace yourselves for a wild and stressful ride!

Review: I was introduced to this series by a friend and I didn’t even hesitate to get completely invested in the lives of Randi Sawyer and Trey Benson. From the word go, the books have been driving us all absolutely insane! And to close out this absolutely epic series, Kennedy L. Mitchell has delivered one hell of a book. Power Term will leave you breathless and absolutely stressed the whole way through, it will also make you giggle and gasp, but mostly, it will make you root and wait with bated breath for Trey and Randi to be back in each other’s arms.

“I can do this. I’m the motherfucking president of the United States of America, and I will not bow down. I will not give up or give in.”

Almost everything I could write in this review would be considered a spoiler, because from the first page onwards, this book hits the ground running. But let me give you the bare bones and hopefully that will be enough to make you pick up this book as soon as it’s available.

Randi spent the night with Trey, it was magical, they’re going to get married one day and then Randi and her entourage are on their way back to the White House. Except, there are still assholes in the world who want Randi dead. So a well-timed explosion rocks her entire team and the book kicks off with Randi waking up in the car, wondering what the hell happened. She’s then thrown over the shoulder of a man and carried off to a warehouse where she’s tied up and left for torture. Or dead. Or both. And obviously Tank tells Trey, who is then unprepared for what he’s walking into and because the two of them care about Randi so much, they’re on a mission to get her back. Trey will stop at nothing, even if that means plowing down everyone who gets in his way till he can get the woman he loves back. And boy, I would not want to be on the receiving end of Trey’s wrath, because holy smokes, the man is angry!

“This is my inner fighter, the badass I’ve always wanted to be, pushing me to not give up but to wage the same war on them that they’ve done to me. I’m not some helpless victim who takes things lying down. That’s never been me. I’ve always fought, struggled, and worked to get anywhere in life.”

That is literally all I can tell you, because if I give anything else away, you’re going to miss out on the fun of this book. But what I can tell you is that Kennedy really takes this book up a notch. Every scene is written with so much attention to detail, you feel like you’re in the room with Randi or running around with Trey and Tank. At one point, I could even smell the things Randi was smelling. Sure, I was so immersed in this book, I forgot about meals and responsibilities, but that’s just how good it was. Every book in this series has been a wonderful experience and I swear, with Power Term, Kennedy really just decided to give us more than we deserved!

Randi Sawyer is still one of my absolute favourite female leads. She’s smart, witty, hilarious and so damn sexy. I loved her from book one and with every book, my love for her just kept growing. She’s so fierce and she’s so powerful, strong and incredible. In books (and a world) filled with so many men and people who want to constantly bring her down, Randi stands tall and fights back. She’s the kind of role model I would have wanted as a kid. Honestly speaking, I still think of her as a great role model – unicorn love and all. The stuff that she goes through in this book would break anybody, but not Randi. She holds on and she fights back and god, the mouth on this woman. Even in the face of pain and fear, she doesn’t cower! Everybody needs a Randi in their lives.

“Hell, what a time for a unicorn army. All I’d have to yell is the code word “Impale,” and everyone trying to hurt me or those I love would die by unicorn stabbing.”

And then there’s Trey Benson. Honey-eyed Agent Benson. Trouble. Playboy. Gah. When you meet him in the first book, you fall in love with him and his wicked charm. But by book five, you are obsessed with Trey. Randi’s feelings and attraction to him is so clear, it’s impossible not to feel the same way. Trey is just incredible. He’s tough, smart, cunning and dedicated. I feel like even if he and Randi hadn’t fallen in love, he would have done everything in his power and gone above and beyond to get her back. Trey’s growth through the books is definitely one of my favourite things. He’s come from money, a family with expectations, but he’s always followed his own path. Even when he was playing a game with his family, he stuck to his guns. But the character growth is so important for Trey. And ugh, his love for Randi. Guys, I want someone to want me the way Trey wants Randi. Or hell, give me Trey. I’ll be more than happy with him and those arms, and those eyes and that wicked smile.

“We’ll have to fight for time together. But I promise you this, Randi, I won’t ever stop fighting for you. Fighting for us. Every day I’ll wake up ready to battle for what we have, and I know, I know you will too. We’ve been through shit together and made it through. What’s forever compared to all that?”

Every twist and turn in this book leaves you breathless and wanting more. It’s incredible how Kennedy has been able to weave a story that you can’t put down even though you know you have to. Her writing is brilliant as always, her characters are fantastic and like I mentioned before, her attention to detail will blow your mind. Bow down, Queen Kennedy, because you just delivered the best book and the best series and I am forever your fan.

Thanks to Kennedy L. Mitchell & Wildfire Marketing Solutions for an ARC in exchange for an honest review!

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