Review: “Dress Rehearsal” by Brianna Stark

Book Title: Dress Rehearsal

Author: Brianna Stark

Series: Driven Dance Theater, Book 3

Rating: 4⭐

Release Date: August 21st, 2020

Goodreads | (Available on KU)

Synopsis: Daniela Harrington is dealing with the aftermath of her partner and the man she thought she loved cheating her and the entire Driven family of everything. Her life is not the same, but there are those who believe that she can get back on the horse. She can return to Driven and to the dance community and build her reputation back. The only way to do that? Dance with a boy she loved when she was younger. A boy who is now a man and is infamous for his own reasons.

Review: Of all the books in the Driven series, I’ve actually only read “Curtain Call” and “Dress Rehearsal”. And I remember Daniela from the first book, but to have an entire book dedicated to her gave me more insight into this woman. And I love her. She’s not perfect and she’s gone through something horrible, by having her heart ripped out and her money and her reputation taken away, but Daniela is not completely giving up. Sure, it looks like she is, because it’s easier to give up when the going gets tough, but she pushes through.

The Driven world is so beautiful. I’ve always been so fascinated by ballet and dance companies and after watching Centre Stage years ago, I’ve been obsessed with fiction and movies and television shows that revolve around all of that. And Brianna Stark has woven such an incredible world. All of these characters are perfect and their stories and their passion for dance and their love for everything dance is mind blowing. I know nothing about the technical stuff around dance, but I could almost picture every little dance move and detail in my mind. 

A delicious slow burn, Daniela’s second chance to fix her reputation comes in the form of a former love – Jonas Knight. Jonas was the son of her parents’ housekeeper and therefore, off limits for her. But their common love for dance brought them together before and even now. And for that, Daniela is glad. Jonas is returning from the Ballet Royal in London to help Daniela with the Stars Gala showcase, because he believes that she has more to offer and that she should not give up. Daniela, on the other hand, is so overwhelmed in Jonas’ presence that it takes her time to really get her feet under her.

Brianna has built such a wonderful relationship and history between Daniela and Jonas. The whole time you’re reading their dance scenes or just conversations between the two, you’re wishing they could just see what everyone else sees – a match made in heaven. Their bodies move together and their minds are connected and their history makes all of this even more delicious. Of course, Jonas has his secrets and Daniela has her demons and skeletons to overcome, but those are just a part of who they are and what makes their relationship so good.

By the end of the book, I was a little overwhelmed by my emotions and it all just escalated to a point before exploding. But what a ride. Every inch of this book is filled with angst and drama and love and steam and man, it was just beautiful. I’m going back in time and reading the other two books so that I can connect all the characters and all of the beauty of these characters and this story together.

Thanks to Brianna Stark for an ARC in exchange for an honest review!

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