Review: “Ritual” by Kandi Steiner

Book Title: Ritual

Author: Kandi Steiner

Series: Palm South University, Book 5

Rating: 5⭐

Release Date: July 30th, 2020

Goodreads | (Available on KU)

Synopsis: We’re back on campus at Palm South University with the beautiful people on Greek Row. And all those unanswered questions from “Legacy” are handled here and then some. Are you ready to go back to the wildest and most fun campus of all time?

Review: Kandi Steiner’s Palm South University is how I was introduced to her writing. I stumbled across the first in the series on Amazon and I was hooked. It truly is a mix of Greek, Gossip Girl and Riverdale (but all the good parts of the latter two shows). Reading the latest installment really made me miss Greek (and if you haven’t watched this show, please find a way to watch it today!)

You might go into this book thinking you’re going to get fun parties and hot people, but you’re also going to get a heart full of feelings and angst and romance and everything in between. This is my favourite book of the series and I can tell you right now that you won’t be sorry once you get sucked into Palm South University.

All of my favourite characters were back and all the ones I held grudges against before are now my favourites. Let’s do a character run down – Cassie, Adam, Skyler, Kip, Erin, Bear, Jess and Ashlei. And this book is filled with just so much. Guys, you’re going to need time to just unpack all the feelings and emotions you go through with this book, because it really just takes the cake for the best of the series. And we get to meet a few newer characters and good god, do they deliver or what. And because the only way to truly give this book justice is to talk about the characters and their relationships.

Cassie & Adam. GUYS. Did we all love them from the beginning or what? Gosh, the stuff that these two go through. I swear, every time I see their name at the top of the page, my heart stutters because I don’t want these babies to go through anymore pain or struggles! They do get their happiness, but holy smokes, they go through so much angst the whole time and there was a moment where it felt like I was just going to give up on them completely.

Skyler & Kip. These two have been my absolute favourite all along. And that’s also because they got their own book a while ago. Please go read “Black Number Four” and I promise you will love them as much as I do. It’s so hard not getting enough of your favourite couple because they’re across the country from each other. But as always, when they are together, it’s so so so hot. Kip’s frat brothers will attest to that too.

Ashlei & Brandon. I am broken. BROKEN, KANDI, HOW COULD YOU?! I was always afraid that something would happen to Ashlei to take away that bubbly personality and joy, but this is not what I expected. And ugh, I have to believe this is not the end.

Erin & Bear. Okay, they’re not a couple, but good lord the angst in their scenes together. After everything Erin has gone through, she deserves better from Bear and better than Bear too. I mean, I love the guy, but he’s just really making everything so ugly and awful and I want to save Erin from him constantly. BUT, Erin & Gavin. Now, that’s hot. And while I know that Gavin won’t last, I really hope he does. Because Erin deserves someone who isn’t going to hold her past against her. And so far, Bear has hurt her and ME.

Bear & Becca. I wish we got more of Becca, because she seemed like the best kind of balance to Bear, but with everything he’s going through, it’s a miracle that they even lasted as long as they did. Poor Bear, though. Even though he’s hurt everyone, you can see just how much pain he’s going through. I can’t believe that this guy, with everything that he could ever want, is suffering so much without leaning on anyone, including Skyler.

And introducing Jess & Kade. Sweet lord, I did not think anybody could be this hot. What starts out as Jess teaching Kade how to up his game turns into something so intense and sexy and beautiful, I squealed with every chance I got to read about them. There’s a twist at the end you don’t see coming, so brace yourself, but they might just have upped their way to the top of my PSU couples list.

But my favourite relationship in this book is the one between the sisters – Erin, Skyler, Cassie, Jess and Ashlei. It’s always been my favourite thing and this one just cements that friendship and makes everything so much better and stronger.

Like all the other PSU books, this one is filled with parties, wild sex and good times. My college experience was nothing like this and I know, from watching movies and television shows, that this is probably quite common in the States. Which is why this is such an interesting and fun read. But also such a riot. Please start at the beginning and work your way through these books, because there’s another one coming!

Thanks to Kandi Steiner and Valentine PR for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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