Review: “Love Her” by Andrea Johnston

Book Title: Love Her

Author: Andrea Johnston

Series: Military Men of Lexington, Book 3

Rating: 4.5⭐

Release Date: July 23rd, 2020

Goodreads | (Available on KU)

Synopsis: As a happily single playboy, Connor doesn’t expect anything to happen in his life that will change everything. But then ‘Lis Thorne’ shows up and everything turns upside down. There’s enough working against them and their ‘relationship’, but it’s a test of how strong their feelings can be. How far will they go to make things work? Even when everyone in Lexington has an opinion on their relationship.

Review: We finally get our Connor book! Twig gets his own story of love and guys, it’s filled with so much heat and heart and Connor! When you meet Connor in Taylor and Scarlett’s book, you only get a portion of him. Then in Grant and Dakota’s book, you get more. But having an entire book dedicated to the youngest member of this trio is truly the best thing ever. Connor is amazing and he’s just so delicious in every way.

So I didn’t know who Felicity was before this book, but I’ve seen enough people talking about her as they get through the book and I realise that she’s never been liked or appreciated before. So it must be nice to see a different side of Felicity, a look into her life without other people giving you opinions about her. A former high school mean girl, Felicity is now divorced and has two adorable kids and is living with her parents. For her, coming back to Lexington is a big deal, but she does it because her kids need stability and the best way to get that is with their grandparents. Plus, Felicity wants to make a life for herself.

Connor, on the other hand, is a magnet for trouble. He’s working at Country Road and he’s sleeping with customers (much to Taylor’s displeasure) and getting punched in the face and making a mess of his life. He meets Felicity at a bar one night and then later, at the studio where he goes for his physiotherapy. But she’s known as Lis Thorne and he’s instantly drawn to her. And apparently, so is she.

I’ve read romances and watched my share of sappy love stories on television. Never have I believed a moment existed that you could stare at a person and the rest of the world faded away.”

Neither Felicity or Connor are perfect and people in town have opinions and feelings about them without actually knowing them. Felicity is afraid to let herself feel anything for Connor, because she knows the town loves him and because he clearly doesn’t know who she is or how the town sees her. To Connor, Felicity is just an incredible woman and she’s making him feel things that he has never felt before. Things that he’s never thought about, including actual feelings. And what really does surprise him is that his feelings aren’t just for Lis, they’re for her kids and the world that they come from.

”This woman has me thinking in ways completely outside my comfort zone. No commitments and no promises is how I’ve lived my life. It’s safer that way for everyone. I don’t have much to offer another person but with Lis, she makes me think differently.”

Felicity and Connor’s worlds keep colliding and even though she knows how things will go, she can’t deny the way Connor makes her feel or the fact that she wants to be with him because he’s everything that her ex-husband isn’t and everything that she likes in a person. And we all know how perfect Connor is, which only makes it easy to understand Felicity’s feelings.

But when Connor overhears a conversation out of context, he cuts Felicity out of his life and she has to pick herself back up and make sense of the life that she’s put herself into. You do want to clobber Connor over the head for being so stubborn and refusing to hear Felicity out and it takes almost everyone getting involved in his business for him to give her that chance.

I really loved that Connor looks beyond Felicity’s past and focuses on just who she is now, because that’s who he sees. He sees a woman who is beautiful and sexy and confident and an incredible mother and he loves all of that. And while the physical relationship is all kinds of hot and steamy, it’s so much more between them. Even while they’re apart, you’re drawn to them because of how much sexual tension there is even if they’re not on the page (or the scene) together.

”I think it doesn’t matter why you’re in my world, I only know I never want you to leave. Somewhere along the way of watching you stomp your boots across a dance floor to kicking my ass at mini golf, I fell in love with you.”

And knowing that Connor doesn’t let himself get involved in relationships or open himself up to women this way makes his love for Felicity so beautiful to watch. Andrea Johnston delivered such beautiful characters in this entire series and I am so glad I got to be part of this world in my own little way.

Thanks to Andrea Johnston and Love Affair With Fiction for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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